An interesting Air Jordan Six Rings has just appeared online in a new colorway. This Six Rings features a classic look that is attributed to with a solid black upper with red being found on the tongue, tongue logo and sole. Maybe one of the more simpler designed Six Rings, this model lacks the intricate pattern that has been seen on two recent Air Jordan Six Ring, but this model does consist of traditional elements. Big ups to Lafayette for the Six Rings.


  1. Not bad, but I wish they would have made the four side-pods (or whatever you call them) white, so they would resemble the All-Star XIIIs a little more.

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  3. these can easily be bootleg, but yea you could wear these,,,, Even if you decide to wear them with ya work clothes.

  4. now im glad i didnt get the dark army. the army's are still on ebay for 150. maybe ill collect all the six rings next year, they'll still be around, no rush.

  5. I was told these where the samples, and that the actual release would feature the velcro, and spoiler on, can anyone confirm that, or are these sold like this?

  6. i said it before and i'll say it EVERYTIME…colors dont matter with the 6rings….they are all just thrown together to make cash off my memories….i dont need an ugly shoe to remind me of the greatest times that basketball has ever seen….thats what espn classic is 4…i'll keep my money

  7. what! there just like the "Dark Army" expect the green is black. Which I shouldn't never bought. Lame yo. They can better than that.

  8. yo i think that these are the portland trailblazer six rings. gotta remember that they dropping color ways of all the teams jordan beat in the finals…

  9. The concords were going to be like that without the viii strap i'm glad they did have the strap. I don't like fusions but i only got the concords cuz they hot but i got the dmps nd some blk nd wht gumbottoms too. i do like what they stand for but i need to see the xii. i can't find anyone that will have the bred ones this weekend in houston what the fuck!!!!!!

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