Air Jordan Six Rings - Black / White / Red | Laser

The Jordan Brand is gearing up for the release of the Six Rings that is scheduled to hit store shelves on August 16th, but in the meantime another color-way of the upcoming release has just been reported. Pictured above, this Six Rings model features a black and red color-way along with the addition of lasered design on the upper. Furthermore, the rest of sneaker is composed of black patent leather and a black/white/red sole. Unfortunately, there is no specific release date, but Marquee Sole has a few sizes available.

Air Jordan Six Rings - Black / White / Red | Laser
Air Jordan Six Rings – Black / White / Red | Laser

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  1. first bitchezzzzzz!!!!!

    seriously though, this colorway is pretty hot!! best one i seen so far!

  2. Dems shit is fire give me two one to rock and one to put up in the shoe case cause dis is history

  3. i like dez and i mean really like dez and da olympic colored onez but when i tried on da black & redz dey fit really tight inna 12 and i dnt wanna get a 13 but it waznt da new shoe tight it waz da narrow foamposite tight i think itz cuz of how thick da inside iz

  4. honestly i like the olympic colorway better. but if u rock these right they'll go hard. they coo, these will be super easy for the ppl that make fakes to copy. but oh well.

  5. U guys are all stupid. These shoes are wack! Gentry killed the JORDAN BRAND. You guys would buy anything with a Jumpman on it.

  6. these r pretty hard.. suprisingly. ill consider pickin em up.

    ^^^ n bruh above me staging like a b_tch. get your racist ass outta here, nobody finds that funny.

    .. n combinate? bruh.. thats not a word. lol

  7. I'm still havin mixed feelings bout dis shoe. One minute I like it then I don't. I probably won't cop.

  8. don't like jays but these are the best shoes i've seen since the nike air yeezy cant wait till these come out

  9. 1st look, looks ok,but i think i'm goin wit the black/red.n whoever said we r stupid cause we copp anything wit the jumpman logo, u trippin cause these r goin 2 be classics,especially if they don't make alot of quantities

  10. all i'ma say is…every last pair of da 6 rings will b copped by ya boi. so u can tell dem otha suckaz 2 catch da fuck up. where da jordan heads at?

  11. these are aight better than the olypicz but not better than the space jamz nd the black nd gold but i would get these

  12. These shoes have come a long way from the concepts.

    Cant wait till the drop, only a few more days.

  13. yooo THESE ARE FUCKIN UGLYYYY. u ppl really arent sneakerheads AT ALLLL.. these little fusions of 8 different sneakers are fuckin awful.. theyre 10 times worse den the fuckin af1 fusions.

    "Gentry killed the JORDAN BRAND. You guys would buy anything with a Jumpman on it."

    i would hav to agree. shaking my FUCKINNNN head at these kids man

  14. u guys r such haters. y not get deez when jb is NOT comin out wit single retros anymore. dis is wat we call adaptin 2 da new time. no1 wants 2 pay ova 300 bucks 4 a collezione pack dat will more than likely only have 1 pair of retros da r decent da otha pair suck ass pair no1 wants. i agree dat jb has been fuckin up as of late, but u have 2 realize dat deez along wit fusions will 1 day bcome retros. and i bet my bottom dollar WHEN they bcome retros u so-called "sneakerheads" gone b all ova em den. shit yall mite b da 1s campin out at da mall 2 get em next week. so stop flexin wit da "sneakerhead" shit bcuz u gone get em 1 way or da otha. non dressin bastards.

  15. Dammmnmmnm dese joints are poppin dey get me so wet and h@rd defently coppin. O das right I already got demmm hahaaha envy me bitchesssssssssssssss

  16. I agree el-g we gotta remember the future is here and the past is gone we should give these a chance cause retros r only comin out in packs nd honestly i have 3 packs nd its time to move on nd say hi 2 the future

  17. I also agree with el-g you Sneakerheads need to stop hating and hop on the bandwagon because im tired of seeing the Jays retro in colorways thats been done like 3 or 4 times already. You guys are just wasting your time hating on the 6ix rings because if you Sneakerheads aint gon then the Average Joe will.

  18. man these are relly nice. Listen people this is history in the MAKING SO MAKE SURE YOU COP A PAIR!!!!!

  19. Ok these is hard……..but i dont think they better than the first six rings and they look just like them im waiting for some all black ones or white.

  20. HoLy banana boats filled wit mexicans craziest sexiest most amazing jordans shoe ever created by far none exceeds anything out there i have to and must say wit much appreciation to whoever thought of the idea many kudos to you and to jordan im completely blown away wit the original 6rings and laser edition especially!!!!!!… must have and will

  21. these are the best jordan of all and i just got those pair, they are so light they are even lighter than the hyperdunks.

  22. I would like to know when are new shoe are going to be release in Michigan area. I can't wait to get a pair for myself. They are the badest pair of Jordan's out in the market.