Air Jordan Six Rings 2009 - Black / Concord / Classic Green

2009 is becoming less of an uncertainty as more and more pictures of both Nike and Air Jordan models surface the internet. The latest to hit the net is this Air Jordan Six Rings. The Six Rings has yet to experience the hype of the more classic styles, but this contemporary style needs to a lot more to catch the eyes of traditional Air Jordan followers. This Six Rings is made up of black/concord/classic green, an odd combination which mainly appears near the lacing area, tongue and heel. Release is scheduled for January 24th, 2009. Via Sneaker Collector.


  1. These shit iz ugly as hell yall don't like fusion but yall like dis ugly ass color 6ix rings wat the hell yall smokin

  2. hahahaha im happy i stopped buying jordans , i would be embarrassed to still buy jordans with all the crap they have been giving you guys , you all eat it up though , lol

  3. If I could give a negative rating I would. The shoe model itself is horrible, but this colorway makes them even worse. Is that a DINOSOAR I see? LOL

    JB is getting so lame.

  4. Any MoFo I see rocking these lol…. wow! This has gotta be a joke….. animals on the side???

    MAybe these are GS releases…. but even then, I wouldn't cop these for my son

  5. You know what JB could do to make the 6 rings tight? Try again! The whole concept is wack! Fuse my nuts bitches!

  6. im jst goin 2 cop cause they look like theyre goin 2 be rare nd they arent tht bad the color looks kinda weird nd scares m3 it looks like a nightmare of colors stuck inside of a great concept

  7. here it is imma jordan fan i jus got the blk/red six rings, and i honestly think there not that great, i have 3 spiz'ikes kings county, do the right thing, and true blue i MUCH RATHER WHERE MY SPIZZIES OVER THE 6 RINGS ANYDAY! i think the thing that most ruins the 6 ruings is the fuckin 13 part of it the 13 is all big and shyt it makes it look awful these 6 rings here r disgusting wut jordan needa do is re-release the retro js! they needa go retro and stop wit this new SHYt!

  8. Whoever is making all these ugly shoes needs to look for another job. It seems like they just said fuck making nice kicks lets just take money and tarnish the jordan shoe legacy.

  9. these ar ugly the only 6ix rings i dont like i copped the breds and im getting the concords …..what the..!!?!?! is that godzilla on the side?

  10. im going to admit… six rings are one of the fliest shoes. but these… these six rings make me never want to buy six rings again… ther jus ugly

  11. mannnnnnnnnnnnnn dez sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk azzzzzzzz fuck man yall who say da ugly outta yall head you already no im gettin them hoes


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