On Black Friday we saw the “Flint Grey” Air Jordan retro XIII hit shelves and then fly off of those very shelves. If you thought that shoe sold quickly, then you will be astonished by how fast these leave the stores and websites of resellers. With the release date of the “Altitude” Air Jordan retro XIII a mere days away, we offer you these sets of quality images to whet your appetite. If you were indecisive about the “Flint Greys,” you might have lucked out, but any indecision with this release could very well cost you much more… literally and figuratively, since resellers will have more of a field day with this retro.


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  1. I was afraid of missing out on these cause I went overboard on last months sneaker budget. I copped laser 4s , & the 05 xiii altitudes both dead stock. 2005 altitude xiii crap all over these. If the new ones had the leather of the 05 altitudes I’d be gettin a payday loan. I’m good wit passen on these. I recommend if u can get the 05 version. I found mine on line in a size 12 ds for $220. My next cop won’t be till Jan for cement III. I’m taking my time on the white & red xiii as they general release there’s no rush

  2. Also just FYI I never curse ever. In the above post I typed c r a p. So I have no idea why it was edited. That is all.

  3. Truth is, a little of both. But as of late mostly a collector, though I do wear my stock. But I’m done officialy retired from the sneaker game in 2011. 2011 completes my shoe collection wit the cement 3, 4, true blue 3, back up grape 5, gray 5, Lainey 5, & bordeux 7. Then my wish list will be complete.

  4. @Knizzle I just started last year and i have about 45 pair but my main focus was to just have at least 1 pair of every number. I mean i wear mine so i guess I’m not a collector but I know I have a long way to go. I do buy all the retro colors that come out though

  5. But if at all possible i will be getting these and the white and red 13’s and the cool grey 11’s.

  6. @ mr. Ralph Laurence, that’s wuts up. 45 pair n a year, u on Your grind. I started that way too one of each number, then it turned into something quite monstrous. I then went on the hunt for the super limited joints. But refuse to pay over $340 for a missed out on limited retro

  7. I started like a year and a half ago maybe and I’ve got 31 pair. For a kid in highschool with no job and I pay for my own gas and car insurance thats not too bad I dont think though. I’ve got a couple bs pair but mainly heat like spacejams, concords, olympic 7’s, aquas, militarys, greenbeans, fire red 5’s, some red steele 10’s, flints, 2002 wht blk 9’s.. but the bs ive bought was awhile ago and i was working on 1-23 but now im only likin heat colorways and exclusive shoes.. I wear mine too, but i still consider myself a collector cause it’s not like i beat em by hoopin in em or anything. I’m coppin these altitudes in size 11 but only 2 flip.. moneys tight and as much as i dont wanna do it i gotta but they r a 100% guarentee i will get them so if anyone is looking for a size 11 and doesnt get theirs hit me up hcallrich11@aol.com . cool greys are a must just because they are an OG 11, i dont really think they look the best but its heat so i feel obligated..

  8. so fucking ugly! what is the point on putting that shit instead of leaving it leather? 05 version was wayyy better fuck these