Air Jordan Retro XIII (13) Flint Official Picture Release Date and PricingYesterday we brought you a side by side comparison of the ‘Flint’ AJXIII, ’05 vs ’10. Today we bring you official release information.

November 26th, Black Friday, the ‘Flint’ Air Jordan XIII Retro will once again be made available to purchase. Retail price is set at $160… yes, $160. The OG and 2005 Retro retailed at $150, and while it’s only a $10 increase, one cannot be too happy about the fact that cheaper materials and poor craftsmanship is somehow worth the price hike.

I was fortunate enough to see a product order sheet from one major sneaker retailer a few months ago. They purchased a pair of kicks (bulk order of course) that retailed at $150 for about $74 per pair… profit is about half the shoes overall retail value for said retailer, approximately $76 profit on every pair sold for retail value . That means that Jordan Brand should be making at least half of the wholesale price in profit as well, making the total cost to produce a finished product at about $37 per pair.

Just some food for thought…

Via Jumpman23

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  1. I think JB is over pricing just because people are willing to pay that much for their sneakers , and then they have people paying about 300 something for the packages .

  2. My favorite Jordan is the XIII, but the more they retro these the worse they get! Hope they don't skimp on the Playoffs next year! If they had to re-retro any xiii im glad these are it, they are the weakest link, but so fresh all in the same! Pass!

  3. trying to resell retro J's with cheaper material is so unacceptable!!! Thank GOD I copped mine in 05', guess im going with the True Red 13's instead.

  4. $37 a pair to make and how much is paid to the worker that assembled them….$1 a pair? I thought Nike would be selling improved products not selling us cheap knock offs of what we had before.

  5. Now lets actually get real by time these drop no one will care about quality or price. Everyone will cop and these will sell fast and its a fact. "Why"? because its an OG color way and no one can resist especially NON sneaker heads because thats the closest they can get to the REAL shoe they want.

  6. only the bammas that couldn't get their hands on the other colorways got these at the time when all of the 13's were dropping.

  7. Fvck jb they increase the price because because jb knows every sneakerhead is gonna cop em so I guess no cop for me $160 is too much for this cheap material noooo wayyy I guess I'ma stick with Nike sb

  8. what if everybody stop buying jordans. jordan is gonna be poor as fvck then the might decrease the price on kicks

  9. I have an old pair that still look pretty good considering. I'll stick with what I got. But to each their own.

  10. were basically dropping 170 with tax,same prices as the overated cool greys,and were paying for poor quality easy pass.