The long waited retro release of the Air Jordan Space Jam XI is approaching, and here we have the first pictures of the sneakers. Brand Jordan didn’t make any big changes, there’s little to be done for a shoe that scores so highly in all categories, but one difference is the color of the Jumpman logo on the sole of the shoe. If memory serves me, said logo was white in previous editions. Slated for a release on November 27th, you’ll probably be paying a premium if you miss the rumored $175 retail mark.



Via SneakerHotline

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  1. What's with tha quickstrike bullshit,its allready gon b hard 2 get these then they wanna make it a quickstrike,its bad enuff u got "shoe heads" who just coppem and sell on ebay @ ridiculous prices,them cats up @ jordan some dumbasses!!

  2. is "quick strike" the same as all them quantity as packages and nubucks? or is it limited to only a hand full of stores?

  3. Talked to my three most reliable hookups and all of them said they weren't sure they'd be getting these. This is the only time they have EVER sait that to me. Period.

    Hope it's only because JB is keeping the release spots on the low.

  4. DEF COP !!!!! already made plans at local to cop. Glad JB dint some how throw "nubuck" in the mix. Flu Game is a Lil upsetting but Still have OG's. But "Space Jams" a must.

  5. If I happen to have some spare change I WILL copp. I've changed my mind about these alottt, they are NICE

  6. 175 is a bargain. These in mint, brand new condition can fetch for 300-500 dollars on ebay. AHH! I want these! 5/5 stars. Holy Grails!

  7. Would love to get my hands on these. I missed these growing up and would like to have a second chance at coping these and definately would be wearing these in Denver.

  8. these will be copped hopefully. Aint worth $175 at all but i'll snatch a pair or two

  9. Just dont put Nubuck on em JB. Nubuck is not the new 3M. I like my kicks like i like my girls no fur

  10. OMG!!!! These are sure to be the Holy Grails of all Jordans!!! DEFINITELY MUST COP FOR ANYONE. If anybody passes on these yall some fucking idiots

  11. oh man!! so icey like antartica….it gives me the chills!!!!!!!!!! for sure im not letting these pass!! no sir!!

  12. pissed about this quickstrike shit. JB better do a general release after. $175 is a straight price but dudes on ebay are gonna jack these up to $400+

  13. I am gonna be at the mall EARLY on black Friday to cop these. It's gonna be an absolute zoo that day but I am def gonna cop 2 pairs.

  14. theyre quickstrikes because they dont want half of the lames having them on their feet. They ball in classic j's and it's ridiculous. people dont know heat.

  15. quality seems off a bit but ill take spacejams anyway JB gives them … SJ are my 2nd fave 11's (cool grays are #1)

  16. I SAY YEAH BUDDY rolling like a big shot… lol. been waiting on these for a while… give me 2 pair

  17. im tight these r released on black friday…lol

    do u know how early you have to be at the mall period?

    but then again..a black friday release is only fitting for something like these….

  18. Man all you nikkas are Fake ass sneaker heads !! My legacy started when i got my 1st pair of kicks "SCOTTIE PIPPENS" and then the Navy blue with white TEAM JORDANS (Eddie Jones) with the Yellow Jumpman.

    All these New Sb's are Fucken GARBAGE get on my level like me roking my Tiffs and my orange and white SUPREMES .. And i had the originals Space Jams bought 3 pairs .. This year all buy all you nikkas a pair !! Its nothing to a real Sneaker Head like me

  19. If you think you can get to the mall like 6 hours early and cop these you are on drugs… With all the f*cking hype beasts out there it will be impossible… You got to think, no one will be working and schools will be on break… I bet you dousche bags start camping for these on wednsday night… JB is lame. The XI's were nearly impossible to get as GR back in 2001 and I remember a dude getting capped for these outside the mall. The re-sellers and hypebeasts need to stop killing this game… I'm done with retros… Eat a dick JB!

  20. Really happy there quickstrike, now if i go to the mall the next day i wont see like 40 people with them on.and for those who dont want to pay the 400 on ebay ask for they day off or whatever and camp out thats how those re sellers do.THEY TAKE YOUR SHOE AND YOUR MONEY!! remember that


  22. these look pretty dope!! dont like the thin laces and the patent on toe is kinda skimpy like the cdp but ill take a new pair of jamz these will be copped…fo sho!!!

  23. thank you god i cant fukkin wait 2 copp these. there suppose to dropp november 27,2009 and there $175 retail on men sizes yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  24. I wasnt on the internet for 5 days. The second I get home, I check this site. I open this page and say one thing "ooooooohweeeeeee"

  25. Definately a classic release. I have been waiting for these to re release forever and now I have my shot! I will be buying two pairs

  26. that blue jumpman on the sole is lame…. ofcourse the quality will be shity… i have my og retro pair so im good… these are gonna be hard to get, people will campin out, an 175$ thats 50 more than og retail for a shitier quality shoe…. com on jb stop rapin your customers

  27. the ones in this pic r fake im pretty sure just look at the jordan man but the real ones should look way better coppin these

  28. already got these joints for the past week… all y'all blown lol.

    go to marquee sole n they still got some left…

    u cnt touch dis swag lol

  29. (The price is lame) I hope exc. or whoever send theses comments 2 jb cuz these r the people that's buying these over priced shoes

  30. from a reliable source…

    quickstrike accounts in L.A. where the Space Jams will drop:

    Footlocker HOH






  31. retros arent meant to ball in due to quality, there are better basketball shoes for that. but still, they are supposed to be basketball shoes so i don't see why not.

  32. I'm copping mine from marqueesole now since for sure if they are a hyperstrike release the price will be double already of retail when it releases. And if these are releasing on black friday the lines will be huge so good luck folks. I have seen some sellers sell preorders but one of them wont take paypal only money which is scary since its as good as cash. No way I'm giving someone cash and waiting 4 monthes for my shoes. Others on ebay are also selling preorders but what if they really dont get them all they have to do is refund my money and I'm asked out anyways. Some people have problems paying this much but honestly how much are you willing to pay for a brand new OG pair, probably more if its in deadstock condition.

  33. these look much better … both BLACK/RED and SPACE JAMS are a must in any collection … the quality seem a bit off but ill take my SJ any way possible

  34. you know wat suxs….. these have the jumpman logo backwards so u can tell the retro from the og…. i have my og pair so f the retro…..

  35. I think NikeMan works for Reebok!!! Cuz no one with an average IQ will say the "fusions" look way better. Do you know why they even call them Space Jams? Step up your game playa…Go promote your Reebok Pumps somewhere else…

  36. J-Holic is onl 16yrs old. NikeMan is his older brother. Both you kids are too young to know wassup. These shoes probably came out 3 years before you were born. Didn't your parents teach you anything? Show some respect for your elders!! Its coo if you like the fusion series and all, but you gotta give credit where credit is due. If this is the first time you seen these, on this post, you and your brother NikeMan need to step up your game. Go spend your allowance on the fusions hoe!!!! Dam kids, no respect.

  37. Nikeman and J-holic are idiots. Seriously they do not know anything from back in the day. I still watch Space Jam (the movie), its the hottest *** that came out at that time and thats where these babies were born. I gotta have them b/c I was only 2 yrs old when these came out and I first watched the movie in 2000 when they were released to the public. So to sum it up suck mis cojones ninjas.

  38. this two muthfukaz above me shut ya'll bitch asses up talkin shit….i can say what tha fuck i wanna say on my opinion on this hoes!! i wear this mugz to mow tha lawn or sumthin. get off jordan dick already, before he nut in ya'll faces! he gettin paid reguarless bastard!!

  39. J-holic u just hurt my feelings with this "i wear this mugz to mow tha lawn or sumthin." as a black man as i think u are (hopefully) u should know better. i remember the first time i seen them shoes in Space Jam and Jordan had them on wit 23 on the socks. they are classics and u should be ashamed of yourselves. and fusious?? omg i hope this just a practical joke or somethin haha


  41. So the name that you chose for yourself, is J-Holic. But you tell people to get off Jordan's nut. Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't "J" stand for Jordan? Maybe you should change your name to "Shoe-holic".