Air Jordan Retro III (3) True Blue Confirmed For August 2009

Prayers of the Air Jordan III (3) True Blue returning this year have been answered in the form of a release slated for August. However, it is rumored that the Air Jordan III will be releasing outside of the packages serie, but this has yet to be confirmed. The True Blue Air Jordan III will consist of the sought after white, cement grey and true blue colorway that has become harder and harder to find over the past few years. Further updates will be reported as soon as news breaks and the status of the True Blue Air Jordan III is clarified. Via NT.

Note: The Air Jordan III pictured above is not the 2009 model.

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  1. this site has really slowed down a lost like these a few months ago would have 10 times as may comments.

  2. Air Justin

    the last couple days no could post on anything that why the comment totals were so low. they just fixed it today i guess.

  3. JP you're a f**king idiot. learn how to write a proper sentance without sounding like a dickhole.

  4. JB u jus made start liking jordans again cause all dem other things(20-22)was a fukkin discrace dead ass n im gettin dese 3's,

  5. I have no doubt in my mind on why i wouldn't add these to the collection. JB is most def. trying to win back our hearts, and i have to admit, with releases like these, it's workin'. '09 is the YEAR for JB!!!!!…..except for those damn fusion iv's and ix's….