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  1. 1st they shouldnt re stock these to may people he them, they should ove had them when they first released snooze you lose

  2. MAN WTF… I bought three pairs for a freakin good reason and that is cuz JB shouldnt re-release shit for people who slept on release dates… anyways to

    AIR JEDI… I dont know about the countdown package for the VIII's because of the other half.. Anyways you'll catch me on ebay bidding on the countdown VIII's only…..!!!!

  3. cut a hold through the tounge and balance it on my big fat wee wee!

    sike i dont think i would do that, cause i love the


  4. that is a dumb idea…you do that like 5 months later, after all the hype and when people dont even want them anymore, let alone wear them…i only wore my 8's for about a month…they;re probly sittin in my closet somewhere now…

  5. I love almost all the jays

    but idk I just aint never really liked the 8s

    they look fucking weird 2 me idk =/