We have learned that another Air Jordan XX3 (23) will release with a production run of 529 pairs which will be available at 23 stores. Each store will have 23 pairs for sale (23 x 23 = 529). Jordan Brand has not yet confirmed specific release information. Via: TSG

Air Jordan Premier Black Red XX3 - 23
Air Jordan Premier Black Red XX3 - 23
Air Jordan Premier Black Red XX3 - 23
Air Jordan Premier Black Red XX3 - 23
Air Jordan Premier Black Red XX3 - 23


  1. Yeah 23 pairs x 23 stores but what they don't tell you is that it also goes to 23 stores in Europe. Gentry was chattin' all about it.


  2. stickie213- SMH @ the hype already… as for the shoes, the colors arent bad, but i wouldnt go through all that trouble to cop. theyre alright. maybe if they threw a LITTLE bit of white thread on the side or something they would go.

  3. Stickie 213. Youre nothing but a hypebeast. Buy stuff you like not because it limited. God its people like this why brand Jordan will never learn.

  4. i Love the fact its limited but for the colorway it sucks. I'm jus looking at the motorsports tho evrythng else ill pass

  5. All these limited shoes are gettin' out of hand. People like me who don't live in New York Or chicago, L.A, ect… are fresh outta fuckin' luck. This is bullshit. I've been collectin' AJ's since they came out in '85 and have a VERY decent collection of og's.( HATE RETRO'S )And now after all these years of collecting og J's I have to get the damn shoes off EBay from some jerk off that just buys the shoes to turn over a massive profit. Make the damn shoes available to everyone. Not just the bigger cities like New York that had like 5 stores out of the 23 to get the Titaniums. You would figure that if you have a colorway that is hot as hell you would mass produce it to maximize more profit. JB is just fuckin' all of us that have been loyal AJ collectors over the years right up the ass!!!!!

  6. I agree with mraj2345. I am from right outside Chicago, but in order for me to get these Ill have to wait in line for 3 days. Im sorry I cant afford to when Im in my career and its f*cking retarded to take off to buy a pair of shoes. I buy them to rock, not to sell.

  7. i dont have to worry bout these,because while everybody goin crazy trying to get them and camping out,i will have my pair with no stress ;-),thats why u got to know people,and they will look u out,and a lil hint,house of hoop is getting them..

  8. All this crying about what? If you were a real Jordan head you would camp out 14 days if you had to just to get exclusive shit!! Mraj you can get yours from my buy it now offer

  9. These shoes were displayed at Chicago Sole II this past weekend on Todd's and my table. Just so everyone knows we are from Akron, OH and are able to get access to these and many other rare and collectible shoes. It doesn't matter if you are from Chicago, NY, LA, etc. The shoes are much better in person. Hopefully SF might post some more pictures from the show and all the other great shoes that were on display. Peace!

  10. hey i agreee wit mraj for us loyal fans an dey screw us over thy could make a real profit out of these for i got them 24 screw yu an yur 24s just for dat im not gettin them

  11. i agree wid mraj2345.. ive been collectin jordans since i was a kid.. im only 21 and i have more jordans than my age.. its a joke i have to drive all the way to LA when i live at OC, ca.. it doesnt make no sense.. the price is gold but u still dont have the chance to get it..

  12. i might get them..idk yet

    aye sneakerfreaker..u live in SC?

    i guess im not the onli true

    sneakerhead here afta all lol

  13. I swear some of ya'll are some fucking crybabys, your never happy anyway!! The internet has spoiled you!! If people want to cop sneakers because they are limited, let em, who the fuck are you supposed to be, Moses the sneaker messiah with his list of laws? And what the fuck is a hype beast anyway, what kinda homo internet slang is that?

    If the sneakers are not available in your area in 2008, then 9 outta 10 your in the middle of nowhere, and you need to step your game up!! dont get mad cause your outta the loop though!!

  14. i gotthem24 shut up. its people like you who hate reading all this shit now adays. your connect isnt any greater than anyone elses.

  15. VERBZ – ur an idiot. just keep ur mouth shut please. people should be penalized for where they love right, they should move so they can step their game up right. u are so stupid, retard.

  16. VERBZ – ur an idiot. just keep ur mouth shut please. people should be penalized for where they live right? they should move so they can step their game up right? u are so stupid, a retard.

  17. Shoes cost cents and dollars to make when you add factory and labor costs. Nike says they are limited so that they sell a guaranteed 1000 pairs at 1000% profit, literally. On the other side they'll make another 1000 or so and give to MJ and other celebrities and sports players for free! And then the factory owner in ASIA knows it is big money he will make another hundred or so pairs for his collection and his friends.

    It's just like the drug game. Open your eyes. I tell you this is one of a kind grade A shit. You will buy. Your all getting your fix and putting money in their pockets. They are driving in Mercedes Benz. You have nice shoes but your walking around everywhere or hopping out of your Honda!!! WAKE UP!! FUCK the MAN and his PLAN!

  18. Shoes are for one purpose. Advertisements glorify earthly possessions.

    You should have 2 pairs of shoes, one for dress and one for sports. JB probably grew up like this and so did Michael.

    Your requirements are to go school everyday, get that degree, open up the first House of Hoops in your home state. Then…Maybe…Then start your sneaker collection!

    You will be getting paid to collect, JUST LIKE THEM!!!! THINK ABOUT IT!

    You can pass your collection down to your son. At this rate you will have to sell your collection early to support your future family.

  19. i cosign with Mr. T..all these pics..and no REAL pic of the 11/12 pack..prolly the most inticipated js to drop this year???? come on far the 23s droppin…the blk/reds are FIRE! i do agree that js certain js shouldnt be so limited…cuz i know some collectors who stay in the country or far off from major cities as well…me my self being a collector in the ATL…i never really have a problem…I plan to cop the Blk/red ones and the Motorsports personally…if you shop around online tho those of you not in major cities u should have access to every jordan…even for a reasonable price..but u gotta know the rite sites…and i co sign on IGOTTHEM24..if you've been collectings js u should have established some type of connect by now..after all the world is all about NETWORKING PEOPLE!!!!!

  20. i saw the pics of the 11/12 pack in some shoe website saying if you can pre-order and they were real cause all their kicks $100 and up they will be releasing the space jamz with the red/blk 12z

  21. Whoa this is an odd turn of events.. I didn't really like the Premiers in the last pics I've been seeing (the pictures from since it looked like the bottom portion of the shoe had this weird orange gradient style that simply didn't mesh with the red and black.. but I also felt that the lighting in those pics was just so bad that it was difficult to make any real conclusions.

    NOW if you look at the pic at the very top (and this is a new one that I haven't yet seen before — I'd like to know the retailer if possible) you'll clearly notice that the bottoms are red and not orange in the ShoeGame photos.. in fact the reds match the reds of the "Chicago" AJXX3s.. so these premiers suddenly have some slickness to them..

    Limited or not, if these colors in the first picture are accurate, the Premiers will be hot sellers.

  22. damn i guess jordan really got these people like a slave huh? Buy my shoes b…. or you ain't shit! im tellin ya people, you ain't gotta wait in line overnight or 2/3 days in some case to get these 23's. Here's what ya'll need to do:

    1. Hit up the homies the night before and get drunk as much as you can.

    2. Get your booze at your local licquor store. (You'll save money later by doing this, trust me.)

    3. Sleep in like a baby. You don't have to worry about waking up early to line up.

    4. Go back to the same licka store where you got your booze the night before and ask for the 23's! Believe me, they got em.. and in many different colorways too. Oh and don't forget to ask about the discount.

    5. Repeat these five steps on staying fresh.

  23. who ever looking to cop the premier xx3,a source told me they not letting no camp out in front of the store first come first serve and also only 15 pairs are goin on sale to the public…good luck everyone


  25. Anyway these kicks is crazy. But the shoe game has gone to far. Whatever happened to puttin shoes out this kinda shit is disappointing. $230 for some alright J's. Come on now. U need to draw the line somewhere. U do realize u gonna wear these and in a 6 months to year then what why buy some shoes u gotta keep in a glass case and not where. I'll pay 230 when MJ sign em. limited and expensive Nike and JB gitten cocky. I'm sick of this shit. Don't they know it's a fuckin recession!!! They don't give a fuck this shit cost $2 to make git the fuck outta here

  26. Hey swervin I would agree the knicks are garbage, but they always sellout there tickets for each game[ONE OF THE HIGHEST PAID TEAM IN THE GAME] You see mr.swervin thats what we do here in NY we get money and spend money,thats why when we go out of town your bitches want to FUCK with us. So stop crying about we in a recession you BROKE ASS NIGGA, us NEW YORKERS done went through some of the hardest times ever. A true HUSTLER can make something out of nothing.

  27. stfu you probably the one that buys fake jordans for like 50 dollars and tell other people there “exclusive” fuck NY and everything it stands for!

  28. NO jrfred thats all you out of towners who come to NY and go shopping on Canal ST. or 28 street [BOOTLEG DISTRICT] take all the fake shit you bought back to your slow ass, hick ass towns, barns or wherever you cow milking motherfuckers are from and show them off to your "HOMIES" or "CUZOS" and say I got these custom made. NY niggas are hip to the game with that shit, the only niggas who buy that shit are you out of towners who can still fool your dumbass friends back home and are too cheap and broke to buy the real shit! SO holla back you FORREST GUMP ass motherfucker!


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