Air Jordan PHLY Barque Brown / Chino - White

The Air Jordan PHLY has released in some classic and new color ways, which has made a impact on the Jordan Brand. Some are limited, while others are a general release. Here is the newest Air Jordan PHLY featuring Barque Brown / Chino – White.

As you may know, the Air Jordan PHLY is inspired by Michael Jordan’s High School Basketball Coach Pop Herring. You can expect more colorways to drop of the Jordan PHLY, and make sure to check out our Air Jordan Release Dates page. Via ltd.

Barque Brown/Chino-White

Air Jordan PHLY Barque Brown / Chino - White
Air Jordan PHLY Barque Brown / Chino - White

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  1. These are a lil better than the red ones, but still not for me. I do like the concept of the shoe’s dedication to the MJ’s former high school coach, tho.

    BTW, M is 1000, C is 100, L is 50……so MCML = 1950. We should all know by now XXVIII = 28. 1950 + 28 = 1978. (The year MJ was cut from the high school team)

  2. Real talk these are better than all those stupid fusions JB is coming out with, atleast the design is somewhat original and by lookin at the pics I can tell the quality is superb!

  3. FUKK NO! id rathr wear fusionz than these shits

    they look like some jordan versions of the chucks haha

  4. LOL. this is a comedian shoe…they seem like fake nike blazers…it may be because nike blazers are comin up big and JB may be gettin a lil jealous…nice try tho JB. LOL man this shoe is funny

  5. lol these look like bowlin shoes frull :DD this c/w is repulsive. i could probly do sum all wite ones, especially w summer on the horizon.

  6. i love this bitches bruh cuz its a different kinda swagg for jordan ya digg n like they said u can tell its quality …..they kinda resemble gucci style shoes so they on point …..when they comin out doe i gotta havem

  7. I just bought 9 pairs for my groomsmen to wear in my wedding. They are a whole lot better in person than in the pics. The pics don't do them justice at all. The Dark brown is so crispy while that lighter color contrasts perfectly. JB has been slacking on quality as of late, but these seem to be the best $85 shoes I've ever bought

  8. Man these shoes are clean what are you guys talkin bout? They feel amazing. The most comfortable Jordan shoe I wore so far. I could not believe they were only $85! So many poeple were askin me bout these shoes.

    Who said Blazers & Chucks are better? Are u phuckin Crazy!! These are Jordans! Blazers? I thought that was a phuckin vehicle. If u have class these will show it man. You wont be disapointed with these. Blazzers…nobody wears those shitz and they aint comin up no where.

    If I see a fool wit blazzers on Im blowin on his ass. Jordan is way better brand like Gucci or Burberry. Jordan is a classy line. So damn dem Blazzers lol! and as for Chucks, support Jordan man Chuck been gone off da earth long time ago so support MJ.

  9. When I wear these shoes I Feel So Grown Up. Lol. Yall who don't got dem don't know what u missing.

  10. Oh my gosh,Jaddy.You still did not get those shoes! I know who you are I go to your school.How do I purchase this item-with money!