We’ve seen Jordan Brand‘s Motorsports 2009 Pack in parts before, news of the Air Jordan VI colorway hitting back in March and the Air Jordan 6 Rings previewing a few weeks ago. Now that we have the collection all together, we also have some more detailed release information. It appears as though the colorways will not be seeing a general release, the models only available to the AJ Motorsports team and their friends and family… but that doesn’t mean that a few pairs won’t make their way on the bay one day. In any case, you shouldn’t get your hopes up unless you’re really willing to dish out some cash. You can check out some detailed images of the two models after the jump.air-jordan-motorsports-pack-2





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  1. c'mon son!!!!!!! get the fuck out of here wit that shit JB you should get shot for them ugly shits, they look like obama sneakers!!!!!!!

  2. maaan these aint all that…

    and after all the cryin & complaining yall do, Im surprized…

    oh I get it, as long as its not a "fusion" you like it, anything but a "fusion" right…gimmie a break…

  3. these r iight, i must say i agree w. Ay! and sneakyfeet…ive seen better colorway for both pair, but not worth da dough just for hype

  4. both pairs look ridiculously fake…

    y r they messin with the 6s like this??

    6 rings r trash so it doesnt matter but y mess with the retros??

    they may look nice on the computer but u gotta think about them on ur feet…they look ugly

  5. F all ya'll haterz.dese shoes is throwed no matter what ya'll say.i agree wit Oh Yes, der so much jizz on ma screen i can barely see da shoes xD(leave da pic tho)