Recently we felt the wrath of the Silver Anniversary Collection rumors once more, with pictures of the corresponding Air Jordan IX. However, while those might not necessarily release to the general public, word is that three pairs of the Air Jordan IX ARE already scheduled for a 2010 release. The first one will come in a “citrus” colorway, but only by way of a few accents- as this pair comes in predominantly black and white. The following two pairs will be the more famous black/white-red and “charcoal” pairs. The three are scheduled to release in that order; in July, August, and September, respectively. You can check out each pair and let us know which pair you’re most excited for after the jump.

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  1. those charcoal pairs look like gucci colourway,too bad they dont really look like that, first one dmp 6s colourway much?

  2. Why are they bringing the black/white/red ones back those came out last year what the F!! They should bring back the flints & the cool greys in my opinion -___-

  3. Not that much of a fan of the 9's but the first is the best for me. DIDNT THEY ALREADY RELEASE THE 9's IN THE MIDDLE ON THE CDP!!??

  4. the white and black again, that would make three times it has been retroed, I'm straight I would have rathered the powdered blue but I dont mind the citrus and charcoals though

  5. Wow, great they're bringing these back! I've got a pair of OG Jordan IX from back in the day I almost never wore. Maybe used 10 times tops, the black w/ reds like the bottom pic, only original vintage! They must still be in great shape (if in need of a little dusting.)

    Let me know if you have an idea what these might be worth on the 'bay, or if you'd want to pick them up for yourself. They are prob a size 11… I'll check and snap some pics. hit me up at mikemavster at gmail dot com.

  6. I'll rock da white black n red pair I wished dey wud hav dropped da olivez 9'z instead :(

  7. I'm diggin those first 9's the black and wheat…."gotta sell allot dimes to get Deez 9's!"…

  8. charcoals is a definite no brainer, breds of course, and ummm the citrus 9s ill use for ball lolsz