After much speculation regarding the Air Jordan “Silver Anniversary” Collection, it has now been announced that the Air Jordan III, IV, and IX will all be releasing in the “Silver Anniversary” colorway on March 20th of this year. However, while each pair will be releasing on the same date, Jordan Brand seems to want to test Jordanheads’ love for not only the shoes but also the hunt. Each pair will be distributed among different retailers, meaning you’ll have to visit more than just one Jordan Brand retailer if you want to get your hands on all three pairs. If JB has this planned for these three Air Jordan silhouettes, we can only imagine what’s going to happen with the “Silver Anniversary” Air Jordan XI.

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  1. why the the 20th JB you know i dont have enough money for the Oreo vi and the all white 3s….wtf jordan wtf. i should just start sellin bud strictly for kicks

  2. ok JB WTF the iii n IV's already released as pures a few years back, y dont u give us at least some J's that havent been released yet???????????????????

  3. the 9's are too fresh def a must have. the other two are just re-retro's from a few years ago not worth the money

  4. . . .[A]nd Jordan Brand says to economy, "I don't care if people are broke, I'm gonna release all three pair in one day and watch people o crazy!" Sadly the people in sneakerville are addicted and will do whatever Jordan says

    PS i just bought the HOF 2009s and Six Rings from Marshalls for 60 a peice – So FU Jordan too!

  5. I have some yellowed ass Pure Money IIIs in my closet so F these 3s. I might just buy the IXs and IVs. But I know they will soon be yellow. Damn.

  6. I can't believe Nike would release 5 different pairs of shoes on the same day. If I'm correct, the Oreos, Anniversary 3, 4 and 9's and the Eggplants all release on 3/20. Gonna be some broke people out there.

  7. Forget these sneakers; Mike Bibby had on the "Bred" 13's two nights ago @ Golden State.

    No current player in the NBA has been wearing J's on the court long than Bibby, except for maybe Ray Allen; most of the sneakers he wears on the court almost always release.

    My prediction: December holiday release.

  8. @ahhhhhh: What's wrong with b-grades? It's the same exact shoe, but maybe the inside tag is a millimeter off it's original place. If I got em at Marshalls I'd rock the hell out of em too for $60

  9. all whites equals wasting ur fucking money. plus they already released the pure 3's and some all white 4's back in the day and the 9's is wack. jb stop tryna hustle me with the wackness

  10. these arent even worth the money. if they would have put more silver into the CWs i would have considered.

  11. @martymcfresh. hahahah…funny dude.

    I still have my pure money 3's and I dont like the other 2 at all so…ehh…I want tho oreos tho.

  12. wat retail stores. are they talkin bout footlocker finish line and champs? or nike towns and more exclusive sneaks store?