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  1. Finally it pays to be Canadian. "International" includes us. And no, $229USD is not too much for these. If people are paying $210 retail for Yeezy's they will find far more value in the TB.

  2. thats too much money these kicks was suppose to come out out here for only 125 but now they want to over price a pair of 3's like they are some super exclusive

  3. Dammm! im so pisssed! i couldnt wait for these shoes! JB is so dumb!! WTF! we need better releases! if they released these in the states, they wud've sold out easily! AHHHHHH! FUKKK JB! I only fukk wit vans and nikes now

  4. I guess I will clean my pair to the fulliest and rock those!! No way in h3ll I'm paying that much for a pair I have in the closet that are still fresh enough to wear out!! Black/Infared 6's money being saved now!!

  5. MAN JB just PISSED me off! this shit is stupid! why would they not release these HERE!!! cmon JB your better than this!!!

  6. ^^ So when another retro as good as these TB's come out in the US, people like you would quadruple up.

    That's why TB's are not releasing in America.


  8. I feel like Jordan Brand has a good idea of the demand for the shoe in the US. I also feel that they are activly watching web-sites like this. The Nike and Jordan brand are just too intellagent not to relize how much people want this shoe. Jordan stands to make far less money by having the shoe release only internationally. The only people that will benifit are the resellers. The secodary shoe market then intern take money away from the JB/NB by selling shoes in high demand.

    I belive JB/NB have relized this and thats why they re-release highly sought after retros. An example would be the re-release of the Space Jam 11's.

    I'd be willing to bet Jordan will bring the true blues state side just at a later date.

    But just incase they don't I"m copping right now LOL

  9. why the hell does this website have ebay as a link? get soem material and some REAL online retailers that are legit not f-ing ebay…

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  11. i think this is crap! why tease the ppl that made these frickin shoes popular in the first place? Jordan wasnt hoopin in the frickin Phillipines or anythign he was hoopin here in the US. i dont mind them being released overseas, but were not gettin a crack at these at all????? Seriously!?!?!?! i aint payin nothing other than retail for them. All JB is pitchin to us here in the US is wack-@$$ fusions, and 1's. CRAP!

  12. this is the last straw first the dark army 5's now these ive been yerrnin for these since heard about thema and there's no way i'm freakin paying 200 that's ridiculous you know what i'm about to just say forget it with jordans straight sb for me now

  13. You know what JB is lame they know that they can get money out of us america people fuuk them foreal and fukk that supp,ly and demand shyyttt thats why i dont like building hype cu then shyt like this happens where shoes go too much overpriced just lame for some sneakers that cost less than $20 to make!!!

  14. ^^^ Marqueesole, citysole, pickyourshoes, sneakerfather, uptempoair… these are all legit… I have bought from them…

    Trust me..!

  15. International release is weak on Jordan's part…

    I saw what frank said, and I think that now international

    re-sellers are gonna make the extra $$$ this time around…

    but this happens in any country homie.. just too bad these are not available in the States…

  16. lol. all you states cats goin ballistic that they not goin to be available to you.. dont u forget you get a WAYYYY MORE than what international gets, so ^&#$ relax a bit!! get it off the net if you want them simple, that what ppl internationally do. dont be scared to try it, buy reseller price you going to have to HAHA SORRY.

  17. ok so has anybody purchased from a buy it now source from the link above? i see they have phenominal feedback on a lot of them but $199!!!!!! plus 30 to ship???? i can afford them but i dont want to be got for a fake ass pair. anyone know what the box is going to look like? what do you guys think?

  18. Jordan releases primarily garbage over here loaded with bright colors and patent leather. I try to tolerate the bullshit kicks they release in the hopes they release some decent retros. This is a slap in the face. I collect jays and I actually like to wear them. Paying inflated reseller prices takes the fun out of collecting. I bet the infrareds are gonna be fucked up and the spacejams too. I saw a picture of the infrareds and they suede and varsity red and the sole loks white instead of translucent. Nikes and Vans over jordans anyday man

  19. Who cares about the 3 this year? Everybody knows the best Jordans are coming out this fall/winter. Forget the 3's and save your money for the XI (Spacejam), VI (Infareds), and the VI (white/black). I would take any one of those over the 3.

  20. to air jared ^^ – I've seen the pics for the VI's and the XI's and they are actually pretty nice. The spacejams are pretty much a duplicate of the classics and I have no problem with either of the VI's. And yeah, I hate it when people resell the shoes, but the way I see it is that nobody is forcing you to buy anything and its up to you to choose if you want to buy them or not. I dont really care since they are just shoes and material possessions. I love collecting and wearing my jordans, but they are just things to me.

  21. ^^E – I live in canada and the reatail here is 189.99 but with an spc card its $180 flat cause the discount you get. Thats about $160US. I dont know the eact date foot locker hasnt told me yet.

  22. im BLOWED to the full, this was a very stupid move, oh well, guess i aint gotta worry bout spending money on these after all

  23. come on people, 200-250$ isn't crazy money. We're usually paying 150-200 in the states. These are the true blue 3's we talking about, arguably the greatest J's in the greatest colorway ever made.