Air Jordan III 3 Black History Month Debut

As we know, February 1st is the first day of Black History month, and a sneak peak arrived online earlier today of what Jordan Brand has cooking. Now, we have a detailed look of the Air Jordan III (3) Black History Month. By just taking a glance, you can see the dominate black leather and gold accents, but wrapped around the toe box and heel are the normal elephant print design, but with the “1987” and a hand holding up 3 (obviously signifying the shoe). Availability and release date not yet known, but we will update you as soon as one is available.

Air Jordan III 3 Black History Month Debut

Air Jordan III 3 Black History Month Debut

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  1. They look fake and what black ppl got to do with black and gold? I’m thinking there skin and teeth hahahaha dummies

  2. Its great to see people still have racist comments to say even in the sneaker community….. Africans wore gold in many tribes. Kings were draped in gold and high quality cloths…

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