Towards the tail end of last year the Air Jordan Icons made respectable noise in the sneaker realm, with many people singing its praises regardless of the fact that it’s obviously not part of the signature Air Jordan sneaker series. In fact, the Air Jordan Icons was also used as part of a collection of Oak Hill Academy Player Exclusives designed for the lucky institution. The Air Jordan Icons here sports a somewhat patriotic color palette, as the upper comes in a predominantly white and blue perforated combination. Then a slight touch of red can be spotted on the shoe laces area and tongue, completing the trio of colors that the American flag is made of. While a release date is not yet set in stone, you can find some pairs available now from select Jordan Brand retailers overseas.

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  1. theses are beautiful…nice design…sumthin old n new…but when does the jordan brand classic comes on? and what channel?

  2. yeah these are nice for playin ball then they real clean.. but not for swaggin tho… for da court not for da street,,

  3. LOL!! just like I thought, u guys whine all year long about EVERYTHING jordan drops then when something that REALLY sucks comes along yall rejoice?

    so you wimps actually think these are better than…lets say the jordan 60+? geez…

    then again this is the same generation that admires homosexuals so what do I know about fashion compaired to you queens right…