Air Jordan I (1) Low Sample - Tuxedo

Jordan Brand dropped the Air Jordan I (1) Phat Low Prom Pack just in time for the big dance, but if all that patent leather wasn’t enough they may possibly have another model lined up. This Air Jordan I has been given the “Tuxedo” nickname as it sports a simple white and black color scheme with a layer of black patent leather surrounding the white areas of the sneaker. As of now there is no word of a release date, perhaps next year when Homecoming rolls around. Whatever the case may be, stay posted for more details regarding whether or not these samples do in fact drop. For those not willing to wait, you can now find a pair online via the ‘Bay.

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Air Jordan I (1) Low Sample - Tuxedo

Air Jordan I (1) Low Sample - Tuxedo

Air Jordan I (1) Low Sample - Tuxedo

Air Jordan I (1) Low Sample - Tuxedo

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  1. these are so much better. i didnt like the red in the others cuz that meant u had to have red in your tux. these are much crispier and u can wear other colors now

  2. you're RETARDED and tacky if you wear sneakers to prom

    It's not about looking fresh; it's about looking RIGHT

    Sneakers will kill a tux

    Why Jordan even comes out with this crap idk

    Good thing I stopped buying that shit long ago

    Down with JB.