SneakerFiles was among the first sources to give you a sneak(er) peek at the Air Jordan Fusion VIII in the OG white/black-varsity red-natural grey colorway. Now we’d like to also be among the first to inform you as to where you can purchase a pair of these now, although they are not scheduled to release until February 6. UpTempoAir now has this sneaker in a full adult size run for $125- $15 below the suggested retail price. Where does this rank among the Air Jordan Fusion releases? Who’s copping?!

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  1. Am I copping these? Hellz to da nawz!!! Straight garbage. I'd rather rock them hybrid Pippens that are coming out and that is saying alot.

  2. I'm not sure if i want to get the aqua's or these. And stop the hate on fusions. Just because there fusions dosent mean that there a bad shoe. I hope that on day people could just judge fusions for their look, and not by what they are called or where they get there inspiration from.

  3. Whoever had the idea to make these shoes should be drawn and quartered, not only do those look like the definition of doo-doo butter, but its just disrespectful to a classic.

  4. I remember a company that use to be hot back in the day that made shoes like this. I think it was called Jordan something …….

  5. very true steelo vrown but , the thing i hate about air force fusions and many other jb shoes is that there over playing the air jordan line like the 1s they make them in evry color way now its like vans now…i dont like vans personally. i remember when i rocked my pair of black and gold 1s to school 2 years back evry 1 in my class was like daang were'd you get those 1s. but know when you were ones its like youre wearing a dunk it feels plain and boring. —i am not no hypebeast or spoiled as person im 15, i rock my kicks and dont glare at them probably got more heat then most people—- nice point i would rock these in aqua color i couldnt get a pair of aquas .


  7. *blahhhh*

    i just threw up… they need to burn these and never talk about them again and John shut your lame ass up. If you judge them by looks alone they are still straight garbage

  8. Jumpman you a fool… you want to talk about hyped up, try the 11's. Let me guess you rockin them right now cuz you a hypebeast. Look around, not many people rocking the 8s. Not that many people can rock a 8 right, you prob one of them too.

  9. Jumpman probably 15 years old and wear skinny jeans. He talking bout 6s and 8s bein overrated? Ha ha the only reason you hearing bout sixes now is cuz they releasin. And don't get me started on tha 8s. They can't be over hyped when all you hype beasts busy talkin shit bout em. Go ahead and rock your spizikes and spacejams. ill rock my 6s and 8 and look way fresher than you for sure.

  10. JOHN YOU ARE AN IDIOT. These shoes just bring shame to the Jordan Brand. These are a piss poor attempt of the Bugs Bunny 8s and jordan needs to just quit with all of this fussion horse shit.

  11. I have yet to see a fusion that was even worth thinking about getting. And all the guys that think the 8's are one of the hottest jordans……. im on ur bandwagon. I love 'em. I copped the Aqua 8's that came out back in '07. I also copped the playoff 8's that came out at the begining of '08. All fusions are horrible. I'm on a strike!

  12. @ b….. I have never heard of or seen the Bugs bunny 8's. I thought they were the 7's.?

  13. @ b……. never heard of the bugs bunny 8's. I thought they were the 7's and the 1's that just came out this past year.

  14. My fault…….. i didn't know that the white and grey 8's were called the bugs bunny 8's. LOL

  15. Ralph,

    The VII was the original "HARE" Jordan but JB and Nike had a big ad campaign with the VII's too and Bugs wore the white/red VIII's.

  16. I think folks more mad @ the fact they're not Retroz. Like why produce fusions when u can just produce more Retroz? Fusions r for the ppl that want the best of both worlds,lol like it says on the box! But, them I'm coppin them aqua fusions. These aight…but ill pass.

  17. I come to sneakerfiles just to read these BS comments!

    you guys damn near riot over a fkn sneaker but dont stand for sh*t else in life! hilarious…

  18. this sh!t is trash

    not worth the cash

    looks like sh!t right out the a$$

    **** these shoes… I think ill just pass

  19. JB just outright fucked up this shoe so let me tell you JB what would've made this shoe coppable: 1st you should have added the classic sockliner which I don't see on this shoe,2nd reduce the price because nobody wants to pay $140+ on AJ x Fusions because the price will eventually drop on this shoe in less than 2 to 3 weeks after the release of these mutations. 3rd I don't really care about fusions i just speaking on behalf of the my favorite jordan VIII being a Siamese twin with the Air force 1 (fused)

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