Air Jordan Fusion IV (4) White/Varsity Red - Detailed Look

Jordan Brand is kicking off their Fusion IV series with the Air Jordan Fusion IV (4) White/Varsity Red, inspired by the “OG” Air Jordan IV (4) Fire Red/White/Black-Varsity Red. The hybrid features a smooth white leather upper that’s complimented varsity red “Rubber Wings” and a black heel tab. The IV’s iconic netting lays across the shoe’s middle. Under the hood, the Fusion incorporates the outsole of the Nike Air Force One (1).

Air Jordan Fusion 4
White/Varsity Red-Black

Air Jordan Fusion IV (4) White/Varsity Red - Detailed Look

Via Kix and The City.

Air Jordan Fusion IV (4) White/Varsity Red - Detailed Look

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  1. I've always wanted some platform shoes. I might get these for my trip to the moon…ima need some moon boots. How can they destroy a classic!! GARBAGE!!!!

  2. John Travolta wore these on Saturday Night Fever…."staying alive, staying alive, ah ah ah staying alive"

  3. big azz net on the side big azz stacks are soulful if michael jordan didn't rock em they aren't official soulful azz shit lames only fake the funk and wear this soulful azz shit

  4. The only people to cop these are

    those who cant afford real jordan line sneakers like the actual mars 4s

    those who dont know sneakers yet and they think these are the actual 4s

    parents who are trying to get their kids a pair of jords cause they know there lil kid loves jordan sneakers. but both the parents and the kids will be in trouble when the kid sees them and explains that the sneakers suck and he comes off ungreatful

  5. Boi Stoppp….They just need to stop making jordans. They fucking up the classics fo'reel. Who would spend their money on some shit like these?

  6. those who make comments about negativity need to slow their role. these r nice sneakers in their own right so keep hating and ill keep buying… excuse me