Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) - White / Metallic Silver / Varsity Red

Scheduled to release in a few days, the Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) pictured above has hit eBay early. As noted before, the sneakers are composed primarily of a mixture of white leather and patent leather, accompanied by varsity red, metallic silver, and of course Air Jordan XX inspired lasering on the middle panels. Click here to get your size days before the release date.

Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) - White / Metallic Silver / Varsity Red
Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) – White / Metallic Silver / Varsity Red


  1. PoloAdvocate says:

    i will continute to say fusions suck and that REAL collectors dont rock fusions…of ne sort…so hopefully these will sit on shelves..

  2. ivowantsallretros says:

    Dis is for mr polo did u listen to jayz and kelly if so u got to respect these man get yo mind rite buddy

  3. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck confusions

  4. Lou Kane ( All My Ki says:

    This is for nino and plo advacate, yall suck ass. If ur really shoe collectors of jordan yall would see the true swagger of the AJF-20's. All my kicks fly bitch.

  5. these kicks startin to grow on me

    and nino and polo fusions are one of the best sellin shoes out right now so if it aint broken don't fix it

  6. dreadman85 says:

    Damn right i dont care what none of yall haters gotta say. These bitches cold and im a real jordan collector. Red and White come on nike started jordans dumb asses.

  7. xaveyboolovesjordans says:

    i really like these! i wouldn't say they could even begin to touch the 12's [the best in the fusion family in my opinion] but they are hot! i love the white and red! can't wait for them to come out! these go hard forreal. for all you haters, fuck off. the fusions are hot and if you dont like it get lost :)

  8. AKAp3Lluh says:

    damnnnnnn deez kicks iz tyte. im down wit tha whole ajf thing. deez myte even b better den da 12'z. i personally like the black/lime green/red 12'z tha best, but dey aint on here. i only found, and bought minez frum and fuck whoever b h8in on ajf's. ajf's r hot. i wanna rock deez sneakers wit sum deep red laces.

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