Air Jordan Fusion XX 20 (Nike Air Force)

Scheduled to drop on the 28th of this month, this Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) has released in certain places weeks before its releasing including at BNYCOnline. This fusion is made up of a midnight navy upper which also sports white accents and Air Jordan XX inspired strap. Intricate patterns also appear on the inner lining. Lastly, embossing at the heel adds a little extra to this subtle fusion. Select sizes now available at BNYCOnline.

11/28/2008 Air Jordan Force 20 (limited release to urban accounts & Niketowns)
331823-411 Midnight Navy/White-Silver

Air Jordan Fusion XX 20 (Nike Air Force)

Air Jordan Fusion XX 20 (Nike Air Force)

Air Jordan Fusion XX 20 (Nike Air Force)

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  1. Hell Naw JB, this is a waste of fabric, spend money on something thats worth something

  2. you know what's really ugly about it…the huge strap over the laces. Where does that come from again? OH YEAH! The worse jordans in the line…wow what a surprise.

  3. diz hard.. like da colorway… even doe da look like some mid air force ones…

    im coppin

  4. The worst jordans in the line were the original 15's, which they made over this past year, thank god.

    Is it possible to just pretend that shoe never existed and the newer version was around all of the time?

  5. Mann these shoes are fly and will be on my feet the day they come out.. Yall just hatin cause yall can't afford em!