Air Jordan 60+ - Atlanta Hawks

Jordan Brand has released another pair of jays dedicated to the Atlanta Hawks. Although the Air Jordan 60+ Atlanta Hawks doesn’t follow the same colorway as the Jordan I’s, it has its own style to bring to the table. The AJ Sixty Plus uses a full black suede upper with yellow contrast stitching to match the outsole, which features a fresh clear V panel. The black midsole rocks a speckled red V panel to match the red/yellow tongue. The heel panel which sports the “23” logo uses black patent leather to change things up. This shoe will be available in late October at a price tag of $150.
Air Jordan 60+ - Atlanta Hawks

Air Jordan 60+ - Atlanta Hawks

Air Jordan 60+ - Atlanta Hawks

Air Jordan 60+ - Atlanta Hawks

Via Millenium.

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  1. I like these a lot. I usually don't like fusions but I tried the first color on and they look really good on your foot. I also like this colorway. When these go on sail I might have to cop

  2. Is it just me or do these idiots need to learn how to spell. Lmao

    – FYI: i had these for a week now! Gotta love NYC

  3. Actually NICT these are NOT fusions… Fusions is a mixture of a retro Jordan and a air force one… The 60+ is a mixture of RETRO shoes that mj wore while scoring 60+ plus… So before u try n correct sum1 Hun get your facts straight…

  4. these are hot but damn can yall stop f'n up these atl color ways these are not the hawks color way anymore lol

  5. I think I'm the only one who thinks these are ugly as hell! It's not so much the 60+ but this colorway is shit…I think it's the contrast stitching that really ruins this shoe.. Maybe in ATL these would sell, but in the chi I would laugh at u for sporting these..

  6. yall are fukkin idiots, these arent fusions……these are a mixture of more then one jordan sneaker..and there called hybrids…..get yur facts straight kids

  7. Fusion = AF1 + Jordan

    Hybrid = Jordan x Jordan

    The 60+'s (like the Spiz'ikes, 6 Rings, & Dub Zeroes) are hybrids of multiple pairs of Jordan's not Jordan's fused together with AF1's. I'm cool with the Hybrids (although I don't own any) b/c at least its trying to do something new with something old, not mixing up Jordan's and AF1's.

    I'll never buy the fusions but I don't mind JB doing it so there's a Jordan lookalike at a lower price point. As much as I would like retro's to come out more often, they had to do something to keep the pipeline flowing without constantly making retro's. If retro's came out too often, it wouldn't be special anymore. If anything, the fusions separate the real connoisseurs from the wannabe's … big up to Firefox spell check.

  8. hybrids are hot and fusions are for lames every single pair of fusions i seen are ugly period this color way of the 60+ im not feeling to much tho

  9. U guys r stupid. When u take two. Diff kicks and mix them together they then become fusions. AF1 hav nothing to do wit it. And the n my top 5 fav. Cop them for gays ago. Better n person