Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23 Detailed Look

Originally dubbed the “Toros”, it appears as if this pair of Air Jordan VIs have received a new moniker. Fully equipped with a fiery Infrared 23 leather upper paired with a black midsole and icy sole, these “Infrared 23” AJVIs are sure to land at the top of every sneakerheads list come 2014. With a projected arrival set for February, the folks over at Jordan Brand are clearly looking to carry their momentum from a successful 2013 well into the new year. Continue reading after the jump to check out some fresh detailed images of this forthcoming release and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23 Detailed Look

Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23 Detailed Look

Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23 Detailed Look

Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23 Detailed Look

Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23 Detailed Look

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  3. Iam not a red person but these r kind of nice I like I hate wearing all red tho smh I really gotta think if iamma get em

  4. When something works with Nike, they won’t need any help beating that trend into the ground.

  5. I think this is a custom pair, I saw pics of ones that are the exact same except they’re nubuck and it has like that usual backround that jordan shoes have online.

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  7. to much red and not enough suede…they should have made them like the ragging bull 5’s honestly

  8. Bruh I need your opinion I need advice they are selling the gamma blue 11’s here for $120
    Sizes 4 to 13 left do they look fake? Should I get them

  9. OK Anthony how much do these cost? Are you trying to give us a hint before your bday?

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