air-jordan-6-electro-customs-by-john-bornWe’ve seen Air Jordan 6 “White/Infrared” shoes get tricked out, but John Born is about to shock the world with his latest rendition of the “Infrared” sneakers!

The Air Jordan 6 “Electro” customs by John Born see a lot of the original features of the “White Infrared” sneakers, with electric static bolts plaguing certain panels of the shoes. The midfoot panels and toe caps see a galaxy design on the base, created mostly with blue tones, with white static shocks of electricity bolting throughout the sneakers. Born stuck with the white overlays, which provide impeccable framing qualities for the graphic panels. He also kept the original infrared toned midsoles; the perfect contrasting color for the boldly designed sneakers. The multicolored, splattered lacing unifies the shoes to flawless completion.

AJ6s are perfect for design or color blocking, with their clear cut panel composition. The galactic-like pattern fits the mold of these panels perfectly, and compliment the crispness of the “White/Infrared” colorway. We’re no strangers to John Born’s work; his painting skills are phenomenal (take a peek at his custom Timbs for ATL rapper, Future). If you want quality artwork done on a pair of your favorite kicks, you probably want to hit him up! John Born’s been on a serious creative streak! More angles and views of the AJ6 “Electro” customs down below!

air-jordan-6-electro-customs-by-john-born air-jordan-6-electro-customs-by-john-born

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