Air Jordan 5 x Air Force 1 Fusion

Not too long ago a few posts about the collaboration between Air Jordans and Air Force Ones were posted, for example the Air Jordan 12 x Air Force 1 and a few others. Nike has been trying very hard to combine two shoes into one and and it is hard seeing some of them as being appealing and successfully sold, but for those who can’t choose between Air Jordans and Air Force Ones this is a great opportunity. Release has been reported to be next Summer with a price tag of $145. Via SneakersFR.


  1. 1st COMMENT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i really dont like the fusion but i love jordans and forces, maybe they would look better if i saw them in person

  2. let jordans be jordans and AF1's be AF1's..

    geez luiz..

    looks like a spaceboot to me or must be the new marty mc flys.. lol!

  3. okay the strap needs to go away and then it might look way better or just let jordans be jordans and AF1’s be AF1’s

  4. now they just completely destroyed two classic money maker…these f…… reps should let these fusions go it diminishes the value of both shoes…Uptowns are great being Uptowns and J's sell out because it's J's…why mess it up by combining and from what is shown they completely lost the design of the 5's without the flame…

  5. for the love of god JB just STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Hey heres a great marketing idea thats BEEn working for you why not release retros of the more POPULAR jordans and DROP the TeamJordan line. then MAYBE just MAYBE you will see sales like how you saw when the 7's dropped and the beautiful 5 with like 498q23734891278927894 colorways

  6. Just because Air Force 1's are fused in the sneaker doesn't mean every mid- or high-top model has to have the strap. Take the strap off and these are crack.

  7. If they don't have any ideas for their new kicks, why don't they just call me and tell me to design some. LOL!!!! This kicks is stupid. Looks iight for babies, not for big mensssss. MJ. It might be your last year in ur contract but still, ugly KIKX.

  8. They look like kid J's.

    you know, when your foot was too small to get the

    good looking ones.

    They look cheep and or fake.


  9. seems like ppl love em or hate em. The same with the Spiz'ikes when they dropped. Me, I think they are good but the strap needs to go…..but then that would not really make them Fusions. So whatever….DEF better than the 12 Fusions. I'll need to see in person b4 I decide.

    Really, after seeing these, I just want to get the V's in this colorway now.

  10. They okay with me the 12 s and these personally this is intriguing because instead of just slapping some colors on them . They took two great silhouttes and put them together so they reflect both shoes equally not out shining each other but coexisting which is smart. Instead of bashing them we need remember we have wanted to do this for a long time but we never found the right way to do it so remember we all enjoy af1s and jays so fused we can enjoy them at the same time.

  11. Yo dese r better dan d 12 fusions bt still not a good look, wont copp em, am designing a combo of 2 great shoes rite now nd will put it on here wen am done.

  12. i LOVE thEsE bUt thEy cOULd lOOk wAy bEttEr…..

    [|]HOWs gOn gEt thEsE wHEn thEy cOMe ouT is mE!!!!!!!!!

  13. man forget wat all dez ppl say the strap iz str8 sick da hole concept is str8 sick and no one dat dont like emm can go burry da self and gettin 2 pairs if each jordan u a fool for dis one keep em cumin



  15. These would look so much better if the color cordinate better and the add th flame cause the 5 are my all time favorite shoes of all jordans and taking out the flame killed the shoe big time. these would look grat if it was all black with fire red flames man better yet jordan let me design ur jordan fusion shoes.

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  17. dez iz hot i got a pair dey look better in person n da strap is removable i took mine off but good comfort not fake 100% real


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