Air Jordan 25th Anniversary White Collection

We’ve heard rumors about a possible Air Jordan 25th Anniversary Collection. Well this image proves it: an all white Air Jordan collection, releasing each Jordan numbered model from 1-23 in all-white. Each shoe will use different materials, but will have the same theme. But again, anything can happen, as things usually do with samples. Big ups to the one and only Chris Paul for “tweeting” this picture online.

Air Jordan 25th Anniversary White Collection

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  1. wow this is a little late… saw these a couple weeks back in person. they had them all displayed for the 25th year anniversary at campus. jordan and crew were all up there. except they did not have the all white 11s. they had the breds. everything else was straight clean, i however have not heard of a release of any of these. sorry guys

  2. Im a JB supporter since the 80's but big shoes in cheap nike leather…………….they can keep it!!!!!!!!!

  3. 10, 11, 12 & 13s look on point. the 3 & 4s will be on deck no doubt as for being a re-release. but iono but others. imagine the 20, 21, 22s all white. eww! haha or even 18s. ehh…

  4. As long as they dont price them ridiculously, they would all be worth a buy, they should do them 2 at a time like the cdp's, or just price them reasonably since they are all white. Any shoe with an icy sole will look badass- so 5,6,11, and 16.

  5. IDK about all white Js…

    I think JB should give us the chance to pick what Js should come out for the 25th anniv. They should give us a choice of 3 different colorways of each Jordan, and we get to vote online.

    But again IDK. Thats my idea. I think we would get borred quick of all white Js.

  6. 1s…. ok, 2s…. ok, 3s…. alredy made,4s same, 5s ewww,6s… gta use dif. materials,7s… gna luk fake,8s.. eewww.9s ok,10s…. ok,11s,rather get columbias,12 rising sun???, 13s, ok, 14s… uh-uh, 15s…. ewwww only luk gud in og cw and white red,16s…. uhhhh alrite,17s…..uhhhh yea,18s….ok,19s…ok,20s….no,21s…. kinda sorta,22s……23s….kinda sorta

  7. this doesnt make sense they juss had an all white 3 and 4 nt too long ago and they r makin a predominately white 12 for october so??

  8. it'll be kinda awkward seeing that they already released the 3's, 4's, 13's and is about to do the 12's in an all white color-up with red accents and whatnot…. the 6's, 7's and 8's would be interesting to see……. have to see more detailed pix before assuming anything tho

  9. This is a joke maybe in all black but not all white I think jb is runnin out of ideas how about the blue collection or the orange version and let's charge $175.00 per pair man just start makin more retroes jb

  10. Man I hope the Columbia XIs get rereleased;) If this was a package itd cost like 3-4 thousand dollars. Im only 17 so this is a forced pass, but id get the 11s and 12s and 16s. Yea I said 16s come at me!

  11. These are going to be tough. 3,4 still icey in box. But the 11's yeah and the 16 would be clean. The 18 if they did it in white suede would be a def cop. But def something to think about and look forward too in '10.

  12. idk how i feel about the whole concept, but willing to give it a chance, the 3s,4s,6s,and 7 would prob look best…i wounder if the rising sun 12s is the first of the concept to drop?

  13. just thinking about all white fives…woww its too hard to comprehend. Amazing. Just amazing.

    and 6s ?! wow man! shit!

    I can't speak anymore.

  14. i would cop the 1,4,5,11 and 20's and i wouldn't mind spending sum mula on them either bby ha

  15. man iwanna see wat them 13's 8's and 5's 9's look like in person thank god a dude can start applyin 4 a job this year