With the first games of March Madness kicking off today, college teams broke out their dancing shoes as they fought for a spot in the next round. The number 7 seed California Golden Bears were beaten by the number 10 seed Maryland in a 84-71 loss. In their loss, Junior Forward Jamal Boykin was photographed in a Player Exclusive Air Jordan 2009. If you are thinking this isn’t the first PE created for Cal, you are right. A special Air Jordan XX2 (22) was designed with black and gold, the colors also seen on this Air Jordan 2009. Boykin’s Air Jordan 2009 sports a black base with bright yellow highlights. In case you missed Cal in action today, check out some of the pictures after the jump.

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  1. word that guy looks like he killed his ankle…how did they get those P.Es i saw the 09s and some 22s

  2. IF ONLY IF ONLY U GUYS CAN FIX THE FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!U GUYS CAN FIX THE FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. yo! dude ankle dnt even look human-like…i cnt explain it..it just weird as hell! lol mayb it cuz its shoe is big as hell..idk lmfao!