Air Jordan 15 Retro Laser Catalog Picture

The Air Jordan 15 is probably the most hated shoe designed by Tinker Hatfield, although their are a few people (like me) that love the Air Jordan XV. Releasing December 22nd 2007 is the Air Jordan 15 Laser edition which features a Black/White/Metallic Gold and more than likely is a Limited Release. Retail is $160, Via docious.

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  1. those are just for collection status not for wearing because if anyone wore those i would laff at dem

  2. I rather get the Air Jordan Retro 8 blk/red on the Dec.22. Some people who didnt get the Retro 8 on release day just might get the XV. Is anyone thinking of getting the Air Jordan Spizike white/cement in Dec ?

  3. You are all wrong, you will be bugging out when they sell out in stores and you see someone wearing them in person. The catalog picture is always horrible, just wait.

  4. lemme see dem flint grey 15's den tz a rap jus becuz jordan neva wore dem niccas dont like dem ya sum rider i bett ya if jordan wore sum stupid kix like sum dum reeboks erbody gonna be fiending itz not the sneaker who make the man the man makes the sneakers the 15's are apiece of art

  5. i had the OG 15's the first time around, well, i had every OG since 1 but anyway…the 15 is the only Air Jordan i couldn't ball in, that midsole KILLLLLLED my feet, so i just keep these bitches in storage.

    i aint feelin this retro, im over the lasering.

  6. i like the shoe hate the laser print it makes em look fake maybe if they come out without the laser i will get

  7. None of you people know how to write prper English, and eazy you just defeated the whole purpose of your comment w/ the last sentence

  8. WHO is the one designing this shoes latelly? Is there a SPY from another company in the JB???? Somebody is setting JB for failure!

  9. i love them.. i remember having these on a white and blue.. they're comfortable and light as well.. but the laser design killed it..

  10. Update on Jordan Brand’s Packs of 2008

    By BRIM | July 10, 2007

    It’s been almost a month since we first dropped info on Jordan Brand’s plans to drop a slew of packages for 2008. As more times passes, more and more info is shared withing the online community and as of late we have more bits and pieces of information gather throughout other boards (ie: Niketalk).

    We know that there will be 11 packs that will be made up of duos of Jordan models in which their model numbers will be the sum of 23. was the first to let you know that it would be XIII&X pack to be the first pack to make the run in 2008 and it will retail at $310. Now we have confirmation that it will be the White/Red-Black XIII and Black “Shadow” X that will make-up the first pack.

    The IX and XIV will be the second pack and there is word that the pack that will consist of the XI and XII models will include the OG White/Red and “Spacejam” models.

    Stay tune for further info . . .

  11. I like these but DAMN why is the price so high…i might not get them cause of the price tag -_- i really like them.

  12. I dont know wat ppl r talkin about but these kicks are hot! I will be waiting in the cold for the doors to open for these joints….More ppl will be on 'em as soon as the clothing is released to match them. Wait and see. Regardless, it should have scored a higher rating than they did. Can't wait to see the gear to hook up with them, tho. i'm lovin these more than the VIIIs that's for sure.

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