Air Jordan 13 Red October Gym Red Sample

Let’s not get our hopes or anything, but floating around Instagram today, we have found a couple images of an Air Jordan 13 sample that will be sure if released, a hit amount sneaker heads. We now present to you the ‘Red October’ Air Jordan 13.

The Air Jordan 13 Red October is officially a sample, which could mean a few things. A possible future release or Jordan Brand was going to drop them but decided not to. By the looks of it, if released they would be a premium model as the uppers feature a luxurious like leather dressed and the liner containing a ribbed insole like on the Pantone and History of Flight series, all dressed in gym red.

Like previously stated, no word if the Air Jordan 13 Red October will hit retailers, but one thing is for sure, we got you covered on information and news. What are your thoughts? Share below.

Air Jordan 13 Red October Gym Red Sample

Source: @krispy_soles & @chicken_wop

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