Just last night we reported on the Air Jordan 1 Retro High ‘Banned’ which had made its way to the Nike Factory Outlet in Oregon.

It was only a matter of time before someone posted it up on eBay. The price paid for the sneakers was $109 per pair, and there is one certain ‘Blatant Reseller’ who has listed them on eBay for $499.99. The size label shows the production date as 2010, after some research we’ve found out that these were made in 2010 and have since been scrapped. The pairs found in the Nike Outlet Store are marked as B-Grades. At this point there is no word on if these will ever make it into production again for an official release.

But, if you feel like applying some KY Jelly to your outstretched hand, reach behind you and pull out your wallet… they can soon be yours.

Via *vnds*

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  1. I agree. I live 5 hours away from Oregon and its always been a dream of mine to go their outlet store.

      1. How is that impossible? All I do is get into a car and drive there and dreams are never impossible. You made your self sound like a idiot.

  2. It's called SUPPLY & DEMAND you cry babies! LOL! Get you're money up and you too, can be fly. LOL!

  3. Shut up SLUT, I didn't say I couldn't buy them. I have plenty of shoes that's more dope than these even though they are nice. My money been up kid, that's what a education will do for you. Now sit down in a corner an shut up, you just been put in time out! LOL on that!!!!

  4. dude is worthless, cat paid $109 and is throwin them on eBay for $500? Someone will buy them too, thats the crappy part, but for some B Grades? C'mon, I'm gonna laugh when Nike drops these later this year or next and they sell retail, that dude that dropped $500 for his B Grades is going to be PISSED! And we're going to laugh!

    1. Nike paid nothing to make them and exploits workers and then sells them for 109$ WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between what Nike does and resellers do? I am not a re-seller but the logic for someone hating on re-selling when nike its self ‘re-sells’ for incredible profits is simply beyond me…people, dont be stupid!

      1. nike is not re-selling they are selling their product that means every thing you eat drink wear is "re-sold" smh nikr PAYS ppl to MAKE the shoe and sells them to us and ppl like him happen to b lucky that hot shit drops where hes at ppl have to get off the jordan bandwagon EVERY pair of jordans is not hot c'mon in 97 when the foams dropped jordan brand had to do something in order to compete (dropped low top 13's black white navy blue) ppl lose their minds over a shoe that you probably werrent alive to wear and dont do the shoe any justice today puttin them under some tight ass skinny jeans…ppl beastin on kicks like jordans are the shit they got some fire but nike got pennys foams flights barkleys cmon ya need to broaden ya style n stop swingin off jordans sac

        P.S. i got the 13's in white red and the flints thas all i gots in the closet from jb they droppin too many colors and it looks like foams are going down the same path too many of the same shoe means that both sides have lost creativity and the fools they pay top dollar to create just say hey lets drop old shit in new colors for the next 3 years and we'll be good…suckers

  5. I copped a pair from the oregon factory.As soon as I got word they had them I was on the phone and ordered a pair.I was also informed they were in one of the factories in va and I was getting ready to make the trip cause bmore is no where from va and luckly I called because the dude at the nike factory had no idea what the fuck I was talking about lmao.

  6. Hate all you want but these shoes aren't the only ones that resellers are selling for a helluva lot more than they paid. The cat above hit it right on the head, it's called 'Supply and Demand'..sucks but that's how it goes.

    Lastly, I got a pair. I live in Beaverton, Oregon (luckily) and they're not B-Grades. They're just the scrapped version. The employees there all were informed that they were just scrapped and the final release is the black 'X'. Kinda cool in my honest opinion. I'm rockin mine! =)

  7. Wait, how come the shoe says Made in Taiwan on the tongue, and on the size tag,and box, it says Made in China??? I know someone might say"cause thats where the originals were made in" But thats weird that they would do it like that.

  8. Dude paid 109.00 and selling them for 5 u better put that ky on them J’s and stick them where the sun don’t shine for that price.

  9. i have 2001 "banned" 1s ds….. i still wouldnt pay 500$ lol epecially since its just a pair of ones that can alomst be mistaken for some dunks to the untrained eye…. how gay is it to have a "x" on the back???? its like kinda lame and overdone. shoulda just kept them EXATCLY like the pair that was banned!!! jordan never wore some ones with a "x" on the back sorry lol id rather wear a # 12 jordan jersey over that ( if anyone knows about the #12 story )

  10. and ppl think just cuz they say nike on the tounge there sooooooo special…. they have a nike sign on them for pete sake lol