Air Jordan 1 BMP Yellow/Black

Here is a small preview of the Air Jordan Retro 1 “BMP” aka Beginning Moments Pack in the yellow/black color way. This color way is the less loved in the package (the other Air Jordan 1 being the White/Black/Red aka Black Toes), but in my own opinion the color scheme is not that bad. Release Date will be in April 2007 and retail is $200. A look at the Air Jordan 1 “Black Toes” coming soon. Via wangjiaming35.

Air Jordan 1 BMP Yellow/Black
Air Jordan 1 BMP Yellow/Black
Air Jordan 1 BMP Yellow/Black
Air Jordan 1 BMP Yellow/Black
Air Jordan 1 BMP Yellow/Black

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  2. best bet is EBay other than that u better be willing to dish out a couple of bucks. I copped my middle of may and that was luck cuz the Footaction ran out but then they got a random shipment with EVERY size. so i got em. week later…sold out all over again. yall got to stay on top of the sneaker game or else u will get left behind!!! yall should know this!!!!

  3. dam!!!!!!!!!!thz are the best jordan iars i seen so far. ppl!!!! tell me where i can get them and 4 how much>!!!!!!!

  4. where the heck can i pick these up at been surfin for days online cant find empls somone tell me want them bad thx…


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    kAN qEtt dEhM


  6. yea i alreddy got dem shyts ;9 u shud get dem 2 ppl who dnt gotdem kicks who eva dnt like dese can kick rocks ya digg..loca out

  7. yeah this shit in herre is so cool ya!! u can buy this @ catrimar Libertad pasay city Philippines..for only 700php!!!

  8. I have a pair of these and im putting them on ebay right now. Anyone who wants them bid them up on

    KEYWORDS: Nike Air Jordan One 1 Retro sz11 black/yellow *RARE*

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  10. dam ebay are u fukin serios 250 and 250and250=500 plus shiping dats a dam shame well maybe after the holidays the price will go down cause im not working right now times are hard shit this is a dam resestion fo crying out loud

  11. shit ebay dam i really want them airfroce rare myfly shoes them mugs go ham come bro mark them shits down and my child want some to 250and250=500 plus shiping thats a dam shame come on look out for a sister maybe after new years why so mothafukin hi bro this is a rasetion come on show some love dont get me wrong they fly as hell shit me for crying out loud