A recent release in the adidas Top Ten high with black crocodile-like material definitely got the attention of several sneakerheads who liked the simple colorway with material detailing. Now, adidas is showing us something new for 2010. Pictured here is the adidas Young Guns silhouette, which will be reportedly introduced in the spring. This sneaker comes with a patent leather upper and a strap that drapes over the lower portion of the shoe laces area. Furthermore, you can also see a sort of revolutionized version of the adidas three stripes, which come in a more swooping trajectory. This particular pair sports a predominantly black base, with a white midsole and both purple and yellow accents. Don’t be surprised to see these on the feet of some NBA athletes under contract with adidas- a.k.a. NOT Gilbert Arenas. What are your thoughts on this new adidas design?

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  1. why would they put a strap only over the forefoot area. think it should go up a lil higher. then id appreciate these jants a lil more.

  2. Not a bad looking shoe but the stripes are overkill. Adidas would do a lot better if they would chill with the stripes. Big Nike check works. Three gigantic stripes don't.