adidas TS Creator Sun Yue

Sun Yue may not be the next Michael Jordan or his teammate Kobe Bryant, but is the only the fifth player from China to enter the NBA which is quite an achievement aside from being drafted by the Los Angeles Laker. Though Yue has been limited to about 6 minutes a game, the guard has been seen wearing a player exclusive model of the adidas TS Creator. The sneakers are treated with the traditional white, purple and gold along with “QTip” written at the heel, one of Yue’s nicknames. Be on the look out for Yue and his TS Creator when the Los Angeles Lakers play against the Utah Jazz on Friday January 2nd, 2009.

adidas TS Creator Sun Yue

adidas TS Creator Sun Yue

adidas TS Creator Sun Yue

adidas TS Creator Sun Yue

adidas TS Creator Sun Yue


  1. BAllin Calla says:

    bleh!!! ts bleH

  2. those black olyimpias are nicer

  3. woooooooo hes playing basketball!!! with basketball shoes!!!!!!

  4. RonSaysSo says:

    they should stick to kung fu…………

  5. fuck you all racist bastards, focus on the shoes not the person!

  6. looool. dood thats the guy that crossed kobe over like crazy in the china vs usa game in 08 olympics..

    respect the baller. he has some moves. and sum nice kicks.

  7. Deathshand says:

    Respect to "Gig & Richard" The man earned his props and I'd enjoy watching him break those guys ankles on the court while crying about his ethnic background.out…………..

  8. PT.Chonan says:

    I think he plays better than you.

  9. JOE THE PLUMBER says:

    Ron says So is just mad cause an Asian kid mad it in the NBA and is better than him in basketball….lolololol Homo

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