Adidas Top Ten Hi - Sleek and Tanabata

Adidas‘ Top Ten Hi is a classic model that sports sports clean lines and a stylish design. Here’s a look at two new color-ways nicknamed “Sleek” and “Tanabata”. The first color-way looks like how the name describes it, consisting of a metallic silver and red color-way.

Next, is a model based after the Japanese festival known as Tanabata. Featured, is a combination of a multi-colored prints and purple accents. Look for the Sleek Women’s Top Ten Hi to hit stores this July.

Adidas Top Ten Hi - Sleek and Tanabata
Adidas Top Ten Hi – Sleek and Tanabata

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  1. Where can i buy these shoes? the 2nd?

    Tanabata or something. I live in holland, do the come there in stores to ?

  2. Where can i buy Tanabata? I live in Portugal and i really want these shoes, but i don't know if they exist in here. Please tell me!

  3. hi!please I wanna know where can i buy second ones( top ten hi tanabata) in Spain!


  4. pleas i like it sepatu itu aku kagum alangkah indahnya sepatu model itu …………..???????????????????