Long before St. Louie’s Nelly and his “Derrty” cohorts coined, “Stompin’ in my Air Force 1’s,” NYC-based triumvirate Run DMC proclaimed, “My ADIDAS!” The group’s campaign was harmonized around the adidas Superstar skyrocketing the shelltoed shoe to, err, superstardom in the sales department. (Alliteration much?) Decades later, Adi is reissuing the shoe in a materials-similar format, much like they did with the Originals “Vintage” campaign a year back. This time around, the casual will be available in white/black and black/green/white and is scheduled for a December 13 drop at atmos.



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  1. Kool. Nice to see vintage kicks brought back that has some meaning. Now let's bring back some real hip-hop, too.

  2. real hiphop has never gone away. now there are just some cats making money with something they claim to be "hiphop"

  3. yeah hip hop never left it just went underground

    but i know what u mean lets bring it back to the streets , but yeah finally a sneaker company that understands what it means to bring back vintage

    JB take some notes this is how u bring back a vintage.

    Nike brand as a whole LOWER YOUR PRICES!

  4. would ya people stop saying "bring back the real Hip-Hop"? seriouly, every Hip Hop artist out there is saying the sameSh*t like you guys while continues making those wrack tracks…the definition of Hip Hop is there is no form or rule, its an element that constant evolves. if you know Hip Hop you should embrace the evolution that came along with the change in our society. we're not in 80s anymore!!!

  5. I'm from New York and they been released these in Foot Locker (2007), they have white and black, white on white and black on black. I have white on blue and white on black pics in my myspace collection album.

  6. Aeh yo, Big Cook….

    You Do Not have these in your collection.

    Peep the Shell and the spacing between the stripes.
    These are actual retros……down to the leather too.
    No disrespect……but you do need to cop these!
    Chances are Footlocker won’t be selling these.