Adidas Superstar 1 Jam Master Jay

Adidas continues to pay homage to the Jam Master Jay, the DJ of Run DMC who contributed and played a huge part in making the Superstar an iconic shoe. Jam Master Jay is honored through the latest Superstar in which Jam Master Jay is outlined on the side of the with JAM embroidered at the back of the shoe.

In addition, Red accents and an all over JAM pattern on the mid-sole complete this Superstar. Furthermore, the Jam Master Jay Superstar is included in the Jam Master Jay which consists of the Superstar, track jacket, t-shirt and polo. Available now at Overkill.

Adidas Superstar 1 Jam Master Jay
Adidas Superstar 1 Jam Master Jay
Adidas Superstar 1 Jam Master Jay

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  1. well done^ your boyfriend must be very porud of you. Collector will go mad for this and the LS clothes.

  2. ^ at least comment on the shoes afghanistan. you don't get a prize for being first. Then again iraq, as long as you feel like a winner for once in your life.

    R.I.P. JMJ. I just hope Adidas is paying royalties to the family and kids and not making full profit off a brother.

  3. ^all 3 of those comments were uncalled for. Everything is nice except the patent leather. They need to fall back with throwing that in every shoe.

  4. I am from Dubai, very close mr. ali And sorry to hear about your relationship issues. I on the other hand am rather wealthy and have relations everyday at noon. Yes indeed I wake up at noon everyday, I got 99 problems but a bitch aint one! Hit me! 1st!

  5. I've NEVER rcked adidas but these can be appreciated, but only if i get the clothes with the kicks.

  6. dont rock adidas, these wont make me change my ways, but thats mad respect RIP JAM MASTER…on the other hand, the hoodie is crack

  7. Man f–k it this whole collection is hot, iz it sold seperately though? if so… ain't that hot

  8. Yo thank you Adidas for having this to release J.M.J is like my favorite Dj of all time.

    R.I.P JMJ