He’s just that good. If you’ve followed elite high school ballers like Andrew Wiggins over the years, then it should come as no surprise that big name companies like Adidas is willing to spit out at least $180 million to the Kansas freshman.

What may arrive as one of the biggest bidding wars ever, reports have Andrew Wiggins taking home what could be the biggest sneaker endorsement ever. More than Kobe, more than LeBron. At only 18 years of age, some have Wiggins playing one year for the Jayhawks before leaving for the 2014 NBA Draft. Others suggest that young talent should build on this year’s successes and prep for the 2015 NBA Draft, hence he’ll have more leverage then.

Many questions arise surrounding the All-American and No. 1 prospect in the 2013 recruiting class who’s impressed many during his days at Huntington Prep. Questions like “Will he stay?”, “Who will take him?”, “Will he go #1?”, and “How much?” have all been fair game, but up until Wiggins’ decision is made, all questions will remain unaswered.

Here’s what several inside sources are saying:

“(Adidas) is easily the front-runner, 100 percent,” said Rich Lopez, the publisher of the popular sneaker website

“From what I’m hearing, (Adidas) is really high on him,” an industry source said. “I’ve heard a range for sure, from like $140 to $180 million for like 10 years. That’s a big deal for a kid coming out of school because most rookie deals are probably like four years.”

“I’m hearing from people at Kansas that he’s got a $180 million offer supposedly coming from Adidas,” a source close to Wiggins’ inner circle said. “But I also heard that Nike is going to match anything.”

What about Under Armour? Reebok? Nike? For Nike, that may be tough as they’re currently shedding out big bucks for Kobe, LeBron, and Durant, all of whom are currently the leading faces of the brand and NBA. But, let’s not be foolish; Nike has a few bucks to spare. Then, there’s Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports who’ve already acquired Kevin Durant, Victor Cruz, and Skylar Diggins.

At this point, there’s no limit to where this kid can go as he’s yet to even take his first final exam in college. And as good as he is, we’ll just have to let this season play out and listen for any word on his decision to declare for the draft. That’s ultimately the only time an official word can be given.

Until then, enjoy Andrew Wiggins highlights below and stick with Sneaker Files for more on the sneaker endorsement deal, plus more!


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  1. Sounds promising… Adidas should of done this a long time ago with Jordan lol too bad they missed their chance!

  2. Shanon Beardmore this kid ain’t even in NBA yet n gettin sponsorship deals bigger than Kobe n Lebron did!

  3. Hmmmm i thought college players especially incoming ones aren’t allowed to sign shoe contracts unless you declaring to go pro.

  4. That rule still stands brotha. They’re just putting this out there since Kansas is sponsored by Adidas. This contract will be offered as soon as he declares for the draft.

  5. I heard that number was from a fugazzi document, I mean westrbook is at 5 mil a year for jb. But swingmen , flying ones are a sneaker companies dream. Whatever he ll get paid it ll be a fraction f whatever Nike or whoever are getting. I hope the jumpman gets him, Jordan brand needs a swingman with air, round out the roster

  6. Lol. Adidas better sign him “this time” once he leave college. The last player u let slip through the cracks…… oh yeah Lebron James


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