Adidas Kevin Garnett Commander KG NBA Finals Sneaker

As we all know, Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics are heading to the NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. To accommodate KG finals appearance, Adidas will release the Commander exclusively contributed to him.

Also, as the Boston Celtics attempt to bring home a 17th championship, Kevin Garnett will wear the Adidas Commander every game in the finals. Each game Adidas will produced 8 pairs, and have the number from which game it came from (1 – 7). Sadly, if you want a pair expect to pay $1,017. Via Complex.

Adidas Kevin Garnett Commander KG NBA Finals Sneaker
Adidas Kevin Garnett Commander KG NBA Finals Sneaker

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  1. Yeah This Sneakers Is The Big Time.

    But i wanna to know what AJ shoe will use RAY RAY in the finals

    he will use the 6 RINGS SE ????

  2. nice shoe but i am with Redman!!

    all about jays or nikes!!! nuff said..

    do not love the six rings…the ray ray pe viii's are sick though!

  3. It has been a minute since I last said something. Well here we go. I think Adidas is right on the money with this shoe. I think KG is worth the love and attention he is now getting.

    Listen up all you Jordan heads. A Shoe Or The Man, Or The Woman Can Accomplish AnyThing. 23 is not the only one to win. I respect MJ FOR ALL HE HAS DONE, But The Celtics are ready for the Championship. Life does not revolve around a pair of Jordans. If your life does, then your Lamo, and you suck.

    Juan Cummings

  4. Speaking of jordan it seems like Adidas is copying JB with the picture on the shoe..anyways i like Adidas crazy 8 and a couple more joints but not a shoe i look out for…and this kg shoes is not wearable…at least JB caters to the fashion aspect of basketball shoes..

  5. See, this shit is hot!! Addidas coming up with new and FRESH ideas instead of just taking different parts from old ass shoes and slapping them together. JB needs to take some hints from this shit.

  6. TMac and KG's sig ADIDAS flopped… then they went to the "Team" Concept with TD and Dwight… WHY go back to trying a KG sig… yeah, these suck!

  7. these are sick! though some jordans look nice these are probably great to ball in.

    jordans aren't the only nice shoe.