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Adidas GilIIZero Preview

Adidas GilIIZero Preview

Here is a small preview of the upcoming Adidas GilIIZero also called Gil 20 (which is actually the correct way to pronounce them). The 20, which signifies that 20 pairs of the Adidas GilIIZero are produced: 18 different colors and 2 inline versions that will meet David Stern’s uniform standards.

Most of the Adidas GilIIZero’s releasing are limited, but do not let this discourage you. It seems that a special NBA Live 08, Slam Magazine, and Looney Tunes pairs of Adidas Gil 20 will drop. Click below to see the release dates and inspirations behind each shoe. Via Gilbert Arenas.

Adidas GilIIZero Release Dates

Cust0mize: Nov. 23, 2007
Agent Zero: Dec. 5, 2007
Vote for Gilbert: Dec. 7, 2007
NBA LIVE 08: Dec. 13, 2007
DC Football: Dec. 29, 2007
Coke Zero: Jan. 11, 2008
Halo: Feb. 8, 2008
Black President: Feb. 10, 2008
Looney Tunes – Bugs: Feb. 11, 2008
Looney Tunes – Tweety: Feb. 13, 2008
SLAM Magazine: Feb. 19, 2008
THREEZERO: Feb. 26, 2008
Cuba: Mar. 21, 2008
Channel Zero: Mar. 25, 2008
Gilwood: Mar. 30, 2008
UNDRCRWN: April 4, 2008
Hibachi: ???

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