adidas Consortium "Watermelon" Forum Mid & "Pumpkin" Forum Low

adidas is getting a bit a ‘fruity’ with their newest colorways of the Forum Mid and the Forum Low. For this release, the adidas Forum Mid is decked out in a black and green upper meant to represent the outside of a watermelon. Along with the multicolored upper comes a white midsole and red accents to spruce up the colorway a little. The adidas Forum Low is featured in a pumpkin colorway with a tonal orange upper accented by a white midsole and pink stripes. Both pairs are part of adidas Consortium’s latest releases and are now available at select retailers including Solebox.

adidas Consortium "Watermelon" Forum Mid & "Pumpkin" Forum Low

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  1. these are the most interesting looks adidas has brought in a long minute, hope its a sign of things to come

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