While the NBA All Stars sponsored by Adidas get their own All Star edition TS Creators and Commanders, the brand hasn’t forgotten about Friday night’s players. No, not the rookies and sophomores- the celebrities. The first event, the Celebrity All Star game, which features a number of popular individuals from the sports and media world, is always fun to watch. All the celebrities in this year’s game will be wearing individually numbered Adidas Consortium Artillery Mids in the respective East and West colorways. The shoes use variations of red, white, blue, and gold to make for some flashy kicks. 150 pairs of these will be sold in Dallas at the event, along with the rest spread out at select Adidas Consortium retailers.

Via SneakerFreaker.

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  1. I'm a Nike buyer-But this is a real nice look by Adidas. Great as a collectible in my book.