adidas has broken some ground in the footwear industry, again. We all have seen and perhaps questioned the practicality and ability of barefoot sneakers that have rolled out in the past years. adidas has now created what they believe is the first barefoot training sneaker used for the gym, not for just walking. The independent toe separation that we have all become accustomed to seeing in barefoot sneakers are prevalent here for the adidas adiPure Trainer. This revolutionary but not exactly new concept will strengthen muscle and improve balance and flexbility.  Approve or disapprove?

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  1. those barefoot sneaker fad is ridiculous. I dont know if they help or not but its ugly as hell. Wear some Nike Free Runs, they look good and probably work as well.

    1. the Nike Frees also are said to be painful on your forefoot if you run in them, because they have flexibility, but they’re still thick soled, five fingers work well, and this looks a lot like a pair of five fingers they recently started selling

  2. How is this breaking ground? They stole a stupid concept from Vibram and the styling from Zem Gear. Adidas designers are nothing but hacks.

  3. This concept has been used for rock climbing shoes for years! Not ground breaking more of a ground shattering lawsuite lol