Addias x DJ Wicked and Dj OG One

Portland HipHop icons DJ WICKED and DJ O.G. ONE will soon be sporting their very own, limited edition, signature, Adidas brand sneakers as part of a national shoe campaign focused on creating custom kicks for some of the most influential DJ’s in the industry. Only a handful of DJ’s from across the nation have been honored with the opportunity to participate in this exclusive sneaker program. Amongst the few, DJ WICKED and O.G. ONE are the coveted two DJ’s that have been selected to represent for the State of Oregon. HipHop legends such as Funkmaster Flex and DJ Clue are also part of the elite chosen to claim their very own custom Adidas kicks.

So, where can you find these exclusive sneakers? Word is that they will only be available in limited stock at the “Lifted” shoe boutique (located at 2415 NE Broadway Portland, Oregon). Be one of the first to peep the sneaks on December 26th @ Berbati’s for the official DJ WICKED/DJ O.G. ONE Adidas shoe launch party, where you’ll have a chance to check out the new custom kicks first hand, while listening to the sounds of the DJ’s that represent them.

Via HS.

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