A Bathing Ape Roadsta - Laminated

Nigo’s Bathing Ape troupe is alive and kickin’ (albeit on a smaller, more regionalized scale) and just released a laminated version of their once-popular Roadsta. The laminate detailing is essentially a patent sheen, and it works effectively with the runner’s pastel white/yellow/powder blue/pink schema. The Bape Roadsta “Laminate” is available now at A Bathing Ape flagship stores worldwide.


A Bathing Ape Roadsta - Laminated

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  1. i still like bape even though i didnt buy any in a long ass time, but like 2-3 years ago this was my shit……o yeah 1st!!!!!!

  2. WACK!!! bape needs to go into hibernation. It was so played out back in 06-07 with all the fakes going around. I have yet to see an authentic pair or an authentic hoodie