A Bathing Ape Roadsta Foil Pack 1

Japanese brand A Bathing Ape has just released its Roadsta Foil pack in five different colorways. Reminiscent of their Pharrell Roadstas, these Roadstas come in metallic red, bronze, blue, pink, and purple, with each shoe completed with a white midsole, accents, liner, and laces. The A Bathing Ape Roadsta Foil pack is available now at A Bathing Ape stores worldwide.

Via A Bathing Ape

A Bathing Ape Roadsta Foil Pack 2

A Bathing Ape Roadsta Foil Pack 3

A Bathing Ape Roadsta Foil Pack 4

A Bathing Ape Roadsta Foil Pack 5

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  1. These shoes are GARBAGE!! Bapes are for SUCKERS. All y'all who think the shoes are cool cuz they're expensive are just getting ripped off! These are some straight POSER MALIBU's MOST WANTED shoes. I can anyone wearing these wit a painted red nose and a big red wig. Freaking Clowns!

  2. I would wear Bathing Apes only if someone threatened to kill my daughter if I didn't. Then I would have no choice but to look like a clown and prtend to be gangsta wit some bright colored shoes like Young Jeezy. It's hard to take n**ga serious when he's dressed in clown shoes talking about "ima gangsta". Anyway, fu*k soulja boy and fu*k bapes

  3. uh actually what makes you a sneakerhead is having love for the shoes, not buying them because of hype or celeb influence. I used to f wit bapes back in the days when they did the marvel and dc stuff. but lately they putting out trash this and the pinic kicks r perfect examples

  4. Haha…Bapes are for Suckas. My opinion. Bapes ain't my style. Bapes rip off classics like AF1 and the shell toes and put some lame bright neon color and add a star. And overprice em. That's not being a sneakerhead. Sneakerhead, u get the originals homie, not no imitation clown shoes.