A Bathing Ape recently prepared a set of two pairs of the Bapesta in crocodile leather. But a more recent Bape release included a set of checkered accessories. And now, we’re here to bring you a look at the three corresponding pairs of the Bapesta “Check.” All three come with a predominantly white base. What differs from each pair is the color of the checkered Bape logo that runs through the midpanels: brown, black, and green. These are available now at select Bape retailers.

Via HypeBeast.

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  1. ….so bape still hasnt filed for bankruptcy yet….whos really buying their stuff i wanna know

  2. u cant just replace a check with a star call it sum else n think that shi gone fly…i aint a hater or nun im jus sayin

  3. yea i agree hagan u cant replace a check with a star….n to be honest u doont see ppl rockin bapes no more.