Last month we saw A Bathing Ape release a collection of Bape Sta lows in a Canvas Collection that, if nothing else, must have caught sneakerheads’ attention for their intricate uppers. As part of the brand’s Summer 2010 collection, A Bathing Ape has just released a set of four colorways of the Ape Sta highs. This silhouette most evidently resembles that of the Chuck Taylor highs. Moreover, the Bape logo that comes on the heel of each colorway can be removed, as it is held in place by velcro. You can visit your local Bape retailers now if interested, as these have already begun to hit the shelves. What are thoughts on the removable velcro logo?

Via Bape.

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  1. i don't get why a bathing ape is as big as it is… in my book, they're just bootlegs air force 1's and, in this case, chuck taylors. wtf

  2. Firstly, these are horrible. Why would I pay the outrageous price that is likely to accompany these kicks when I can buy the original, and real Chucks for a fraction of that???

    Second, whats with all the people advertising on this site now with their hyperlinked names??? Equally stupid…

  3. Mr. Bespoke, must have business sense, since he is the only one who understands. Bape cleans up Nike's mess and makes a much better product. If you dont believe me go check out there products.