23: A Novel - Book Signing at Atlanta's Greenbriar Mall

Author / filmmaker A.R. Shaw is releasing his novel, 23, along with his documentary, 23: The Street History of a Shoe this weekend. It might be coincidental, but this Saturday is also the release of the Air Jordan 12 Nubuck, so after you grab your sneakers, stop by Medu Bookstore in Greenbriar Mall from 2pm – 4pm for this epic unveiling. This documentary is sure to please the sneaker world, as well as stir up some controversy, because it shows the positives, negatives, and some serious truth about how the Air Jordan sneaker line has influenced everything in it’s path. Whether you’ve been an avid collector for 10+ years, or you just buy an occasional Retro, this documentary / novel combo is something that you really need to be aware of. Once again, if you’re in the Atlanta area, please drop by Greenbriar Mall to check out the screening of 23: The Street History of a Shoe, and to get your 23 novel signed. Both items can be purchased at right now.