2009 Nike Snowboarding Boot

Nike will be expanding into the Snowboarding department and will be releasing this Air Force 1 inspired Snowboarding boot. Rumor has it that the new line will be dropping in August through October and will include four mens models and three womens models, nothing is certain though. Stay posted for more information. Via South of the North.

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  1. man if i was a snowborder i would so rock these!! I want to see some jordans like this!! Imagine the 17 like this SICK!!!!!

  2. Cool that Nike will be making snowboarding boats, but these are kinda ugly. Does this mean that they will be making boards too?

    Nike wants to rule the world!

  3. daaayum…whhy does nike have to get into everything..next thing you know they probly gonna make rollerblade sneakers and shit…they dont know how to stick with one damn thing..

  4. they're kinda hot, but not as high class as the adidas forum snowboard boots. and i'm a sneakerhead who boards, sucka.

  5. All of you don't know Nike has been into snowboarding since before I started boarding. I started in 99 and my buddy worked out west for the Nike Snowboarding company. So to say they just got into this is not true.

  6. Yeah i remember when Nike first tried to get their boots into the snowboard market…They bummed out big time. They have been into snowboarding for many years now with ACG and they have a strong team of riders with this but i'm not sure if people will catch onto this straight away. Look how long it took skaters to accept dunks into the market? Things change and i dont care if you call yourself a core boarder etc because at the end of the day, these will blow up whether you like it or not. I have been skating for 20 years and snowboarding for 16, and if these things ride well, then let them come into the market who cares what you wear, it is how you ride that matters.

  7. its not about what people are wearing, its the fact that nike is just in it to make money and thats all they care about. Smaller snowboard companies give back to the snowboard community, nike just wants money. I don't care how nice nike snowboard boots are, im stickin with my Thirtytwo's, a solid snowboard company that focuses on one thing, making good snowboard boots.

  8. those boots are gay, snowboarding doesnt need any more white kids who think they are black and cant do shit but hit rails..nike is a fucking joke i wouldent trust those boots in the backcountry my toes would fucking freez, nike is all about how there products look and they crank the price to twice as much as they should be… if your gunna buy boots go buy DC's, thirtytwo, vans, northwave, or celsius…but fuck nike

  9. How can you even judge nike snowboarding boots if you havent worn a pair yet?

    Its like looking at a concept car, youre just seeing the surface.

  10. fuck all you who think these are shit. they fuckin tight. you would know if you actually snowboard

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