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2007 International Street Art & Sneaker Exhibition

2007 International Street Art and Sneaker Exhibition

2007 Interstellar Expo is an international exhibition of street art, sneakers, and designer toys. In five years, it will be the mecca of global street culture. It is in Los Angeles July 6-8. Please look at the web site and take anything that will assist with your feature or article. There are also press releases on the web site. Do what you like because we like what you do. The sneakers on the site are done by Los Angeles based, Egyptian female graffiti artist “Blue Panther” for Nike. The expo will also feature many sneaker design contests and the Sneaker Hall of Fame, as well as Toy Galaxy, many graffiti exhibitions, Style Summit, and the International Design & Illustration Awards ceremony. See site for MORE and for quick Fact Sheet Interstellarexpo.

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